Android O Might Be Named As Oatmeal Cookie, But We Can Still Root for Oreo


Android O debuted in March this year, and since then three developer previews of the OS version have been released. Google has revealed a lot of information about Android O, except for what "O" stands for. The name is still a mystery, but many of us are secretly rooting for "Oreo," right?

Google always reveals the name of its Android version at the end of event year. This time around, the Internal source code Android O seems to have revealed the name before the official announcement. The revelation is not what we were hoping for; the internal source code mentions ‘oc-dev’ various times, wherein the "oc" could stand for "Oatmeal Cookie."

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Another evidence for Oatmeal Cookie is when the code indicates that Google Pixel is running on Android O Developer Preview or ‘oc-dev.' It apparently means that OC is the synonym for Android O Developer Preview, and could very well stand for Oatmeal Cookie. The presumption becomes stronger when we recall one of Google I/O's presentation slide that carried the word Oatmeal Cookie.

Admittedly, the proofs are explanatory, but Google is unpredictable and could turn the tables anytime. Ever since its inception, Android O has been referred to as Android Oreo by many enthusiasts, but it could only turn out to be a reality if Google partners with Cadbury like its did it with Nestle for KitKat. To recall, Google did collaborate with Cadbury for the Oreo Dunk Challenge game, but that could just be limited to the game and not Android version name.

The third developer preview for Android O confirmed the version number as Android 8.0. Now, the only mystery left is what the "O" stands for. Google released the Developer Preview 3 with final Android 8.0 APIs in early June, and announced that it would release another preview in July that will bring "near-final system images." The company says that the Developer Preview 3 for Android O has the final API level 26. It has brought bug fixes and optimizations to the platform.