Android M Name Has Been Finally Revealed!

Google has a interesting method of naming its Android upgrades. Not only do they follow an alphabetical order, but they're named after sweets, in an attempt by the software giant to keep things nice and . . .sweet? Well, we're now down to Android M, with several features of the update having shown off by Google earlier this year. And now, there's another piece that's been added to the puzzle, and that's the official name of the upcoming Android upgrade.

Android M Gets Its Official Name Through Google's Jeff Sharkey

Things have been shaking up at Google over the past couple of days. We've seen the software giant finally move towards bigger things, officially, through the announcement of Alphabet - a parent company that will cover all of Google's 'other' ventures asides advertisements and software commitments. But things seem to be the same when it comes to its operating software it seems, as Google's Jeff Sharky has finally taken the wraps off Android M's official designation, according to 9to5Google.

The name comes courtesy of the image above, which Jeff has uploaded on Google Plus earlier today according to the publication. And if you're bad with images, then we'll spell it out for you. Android M's official name is Marshmallow, according to the latest information, which to be quite frank is something that we figured out all along as well. The latest Android will be coming with several enhancements and improvements on board, which cover the likes of enhanced support for biometric recognition, Android Pay, an upgraded App permission system and a lot more.

However, what we're concerned about is the increasing amount of Android security breaches that have been taking place over the past couple of weeks. Android doesn't seem to be doing that well on the security front, so we'd also expect Google to make significant changes on the front as well. After all, too many sweets do cause tooth decay. And with it, we move on to the next Android's name - Android N. Lets see if Google can keep its list of sweets running. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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