Google’s Got A Secret Nexus 5 With A Fingerprint Sensor – Take A Look At It Here


Google's Nexus 5 is a device every Android lover appreciates. Launched by the company at a time larger screened devices weren't the norm, the smartphone reminds you about how it is to use Android with one hand only. And while we've seen several Nexus devices hit the shelves since then, the Nexus 5 remains ingrained in memory for anyone craving a bit of nostalgia. So when the software giant showed off the smartphone with USB Type-C support at I/O, many users were left wondering how that would feel in real life. Well, looks like Google's got plenty of Nexus 5s around as well, and today you can take a look at one with a fingerprint sensor.

Here's How Google's Secret Nexus 5 With A Fingerprint Sensor Looks Like

Android M came with a boatload of enhancements and improvements on board. These included all round support for biometric verification, since fingerprint recognition has started to become an increasing trend in the smartphone world these days. And with these advancements, you'd expect Google to have a couple of devices with fingerprint sensors lying around to test these features. Well, Google does have its own test prototypes, and these are none other than the beloved Nexus 5, if you've taken a look at the video above.

As you can see, in the demonstration for Android Pay, the device used to authenticate payments is a red Nexus 5, with a twist. The device houses a fingerprint sensor at its back and gives us some interesting food for thought as on how the Nexus 5 would look like with a fingerprint sensor. We'd disagree with the position of the sensor however, as sensors on the front of your smartphone do result in improved functionality, but it all boils down to individual preference at the end. So take a look at the video above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.