The First Android 5.1 Screenshots Are Here With Wi-Fi And Design Upgrades

Ever since Android Lollipop's launch last year, users all around have seen the gradual rollout of the software on their devices, and by now almost all major Android flagships are running on the update.  Even though Lollipop brings a host of great features for users to enjoy, looks like Google's eager to update Lollipop soon for us, even though the search engine giant has been particularly tight lipped about it. However, Google's silence does not matter today, as some screenshots have popped up of Android 5.1, showing us what to expect from the next update.


Leaked Android 5.1 Screenshots Show Several New Features On The Update

Today's leaks of Android 5.1 end up giving us some details on how things can be expected to work on the update. The first of these, as you can see in the image above relates to Wi Fi connectivity on the next update. By the looks of things, in Android 5.1, you'll be able to switch Wi Fi and Bluetooth networks simply through the icons on notification center. You can see the sub menu options under the icon for each type of connectivity. Tapping on them will open up a range of networks that you can connect to, as shown in the image below.


Apart from Wi Fi and bluetooth connectivity, videos posted by Android Police also end up highlighting design upgrades that can be expected from the next Android update. A video posted shows the clock app in the operating system that has some changes on board. Tabs for the alarm, stopwatch and the clock in Android 5.1 will be using animations now. All in all, it shows that perhaaps Google's decided that the overall interface on Material Design has become a bit too dry an is looking to upgrade it for some changes. Android 5.1 might be coming next month so keep you eyes peeled for any updates and take a look at the video below. We'll keep you updated in the meanwhile.



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