Android 10 Lets You Keep App Data After Uninstalling Some Applications


Uninstalling an app on Android has historically deleted all the data associated with it. For example, if you uninstall a game, you lose all save data, character profiles and the likes, unless it is synced with Google Play Games. The worst part is, data generated from an individual app is not a part of any backups you create, so you'll have to kiss it goodbye if you ever have to restore said backups. Some backup solutions such as Titan Backup will let you carry over App Data and system-generated data, but it requires a rooted device and is beyond the scope of most regular users. Thankfully, this is about to change with Android 10.

Android 10 lets developers offer the option to keep that data. When you initiate an uninstall from the home screen or the settings menu, the dialog pop-up includes a checkbox to keep the data. Once you reinstall a previously deleted application that has its App Data intact, you'll be able to pick up from where you left off. For example, WhatsApp will have all your chats ready to go instantly. Here's what the dialog box looks like.

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Not all Android 10 apps support the feature yet

Currently, the ability to retain App Data is available only for a handful of apps. Since the feature is relatively new, it'll be a while before developers to hop on board. This will be a boon for mobile gamers, as a lot of games—even ones from AAA studios—rely entirely on locally stored app data to store player information. Transferring in-game data will still be a problem, though.

There is one major caveat to this whole thing, however. The prompt shown above will only show up if you choose to uninstall the application from the App Drawer or from within the list of apps in the Settings menu. Uninstalling an application directly from the Play Store will not trigger the prompt, so you'll very likely lose all App Data if you go down that road.

News Source: Android Police