AMD’s Malfunctioning Playstation 5 APUs Find A Second Home In ASRock’s BC-250 Mining Rig

Jason R. Wilson
Source: Bohla

ASRock is known for its premium AMD Ryzen and Radeon-based systems used in personal computing, such as the gaming market, and business and industrial settings, such as data centers. The company has also assisted the crypto mining community, but not in a well-publicized manner. In fact, due to the lack of total advertising from the company, including a dedicated website for their crypto mining products, any current or new information about any digital currency technology is heard from well-known leakers on the Internet or from sellers of ASRock's products.

Repurposed Sony PS5 AMD APUs to handle the hash rates and processing on ASRock's unadvertised crypto mining rig

Twitter leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA discovered the newest discovery of a crypto mining rig manufactured by ASRock. ASRock manufactured the recent crypto mining rig selling on the Slovanian website Bohla, an online product-selling website similar to most eCommerce sites covering several niche markets. The website lists a crypto mining rig manufactured by ASRock that houses twelve AMD BC-250 mining cards for $15,059.13. Upon further investigation, the crypto mining system is also listed on several other European eCommerce stores.

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The AMD BC-250 mining cards have an exciting addition to their design. The cards use repurposed Sony PlayStation 5 Ariel/Oberon System on a Chip, or SoC. These chips are considered to have features that are no longer functional in the design, like compute cores. AMD in a broken state receives the repurposed chips and then are fixed and altered to be used in other devices, such as their recent PC DIY desktop kit, the AMD 4700S, and this specific crypto mining rig.

  • Approx. 610 Mhs on ETHASH. +/- 3%
  • Approx. 245 Mhs to RVN. +/- 3%
  • Approx. 610 Mhs on ETC. +/- 3%
  • Memory 16 GB GDDR6
  • 12 x AMD BC-250 mining APU passive design
  • 5 x cooler 80mm x 38 mm
  • 2 x server power supply 1200W
  • 1x Profi Closed enclosure RACKMOUNT by ASROCK
  • Accessories : SWITCH, USB and NVME not included in the price

Currently, the specifications listed for the system mention the processor in use, suggesting that AMD kept basic functionality to help with the processing of mining cryptocurrency. The information does specify that the system can earn 610MH/s, and the APU onboard will process close to 50 MH/s for each APU involved. It is calculated that each card individually can access and profit $2.00 per day.

The return of investment, or ROI, for the BC-250 crypto mining card, is anticipated to take about 440 to 530 days. The numbers are based on the assumption that each card costs close to $1,000. This year, Ethereum is planning to make "The Merger," where the basis of how Ethereum is acquired will change to a Proof of Stake model. Once that happens, it is possible the ROI for the machine could extend further beyond what would be considered plausible.

Source: Bolha, @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

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