AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Cezanne’ APUs With Zen 3 CPU & Vega 20 GPU Cores Spotted, Van Gogh ‘Ryzen 5000 Low-Power’ APUs Feature Zen 2 CPU & Navi 21 GPU Cores

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New information on AMD's Ryzen 5000 APUs which include Cezanne for the mainstream and Van Gogh for the low-power segment has also been revealed by Igor's Lab. The next-generation Ryzen 5000 APUs will be making use of vastly distinct architectures and chip designs and the first silicon for the said chips is already being tested.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne and Van Gogh APUs Further Detailed - Cezanne Gets Zen 3 CPU & Vega 20 GPU Cores While Van Gogh Relies on Zen 2 CPU and Navi 21 GPU Cores

The Ryzen 5000 CPU family from AMD will consist of three different chips designed for completely different segments. The Ryzen 5000 desktop lineup would include next-gen Zen 4 based desktop processors along with Zen 3 based desktop APUs.

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The laptop segment will consist of mainstream H-series and low-TDP U-series parts with Zen 3 cores but there will also be a lower-tier segment in AMD's portfolio which rumors have indicated to utilize Zen 2 cores. So it looks like Ryzen 5000 CPU family is made up of three generations of Zen cores however this is early information and it might change since the silicon being tested is still in early revision.

AMD Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' Desktop/Mobility APUs With Zen 3 CPU & Vega 20 GPU

So far, only the design of the Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' APUs is confirmed and as we talked in our last report, the Cezanne generation of APUs will bring forward the new Zen 3 CPU architecture while re-using the Vega GPU architecture. The Cezanne family would be replacing AMD's Renoir Ryzen 4000 APU family which has been released on notebooks since April 2020 and will make its debut on the desktop AM4 platform in the coming months.

The Cezanne family will rely on the FP6 and AM4 package for mobility and desktop platforms while utilizing both new and enhanced core technologies. The new cores will be fused on the CPU side in the form of Zen 3 which are also making their way to the Ryzen 4000 Desktop CPUs codenamed as Vermeer. The Zen 3 Desktop CPUs will launch earlier than the Zen 3 APUs for mobility and desktop platforms which could be announced around CES 2021 followed by a proper launch in the coming months.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne APUs are expected to feature Zen 3 CPU & Vega 20 GPU Cores. (Image Credits: Igor's Lab)

The GPU side for the Cezanne APU lineup on all platforms will still be using Vega graphics. Although this particular Vega GPU would be a further enhanced version of the 7nm iGPU which we got to see on Ryzen 4000 'Renoir' APUs. The first A0 silicon features the Vega 20 GPU and once again, this is a internal codename for the GPU. It has nothing to do with the number of compute units which one might think it comes with 20 CUs which is practically impossible on the same package size. AMD's Radeon VII GPU also featured the Vega 20 GPU and it was mostly due to the fact that Vega 20 series is based on the 7nm GPU IP while Vega 10 series is based on the 14nm GPU IP.

It's not hard to tell that Renoir uses the same GPU IP since its a 7nm enhanced variation of the Vega GPU that offers a huge gain in performance per CU over the original Vega cores that were featured on Ryzen 3000 APUs.

AMD CPU Roadmap (2017-2022)

ArchitectureZen (4) / Zen (5)Zen (4) / Zen (4C)Zen (4) / Zen 3 (+)Zen (3) / Zen 3 (+)Zen (3) / Zen 2Zen (2) / Zen+Zen (1) / Zen+Zen (1)
Process Node5nm / 3nm?5nm5nm / 6nm7nm7nm7nm14nm / 12nm14nm
ServerEPYC TurinEPYC BergamoEPYC 'Genoa'EPYC 'Milan'EPYC 'Rome'EPYC 'Rome'EPYC 'Naples'EPYC 'Naples'
Max Server Cores / Threads256/512128/25696/19264/12864/12864/12832/6432/64
High End DesktopRyzen Threadripper 8000 SeriesRyzen Threadripper 7000 SeriesRyzen Threadripper 6000 Series (TBD)Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series (Chagall)Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series (Castle Peak)Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series (Castle Peak)Ryzen Threadripper 2000 Series (Coflax)Ryzen Threadripper 1000 Series (White Haven)
Ryzen FamilyRyzen 8000 SeriesRyzen 7000 SeriesRyzen 6000 SeriesRyzen 5000 SeriesRyzen 4000/5000 SeriesRyzen 3000 SeriesRyzen 2000 SeriesRyzen 1000 Series
Max HEDT Cores / ThreadsTBDTBDTBD64/12864/12864/12832/6416/32
Mainstream DesktopRyzen 8000 Series (Granite Ridge)TBDRyzen 7000 Series (Raphael)Ryzen 5000 Series (Vermeer-X)Ryzen 5000 Series (Vermeer)Ryzen 3000 Series (Matisse)Ryzen 2000 Series (Pinnacle Ridge)Ryzen 1000 Series (Summit Ridge)
Max Mainstream Cores / ThreadsTBDTBD16/3216/3216/3216/328/168/16
Budget APURyzen 8000 (Strix Point Zen 5)Ryzen 7000 Series (Phoenix Zen 4)Ryzen 6000 Series (Rembrandt Zen 3+)Ryzen 5000 Series (Cezanne Zen 3)Ryzen 4000 Series (Renoir Zen 2)Ryzen 3000 Series (Picasso Zen+)Ryzen 2000 Series (Raven Ridge)N/A

AMD Ryzen 5000 'Van Gogh' - Low-Power Mobile APUs With Zen 2 CPU & Navi 21 GPU

The low power Ryzen 5000 APU segment will comprise of the Van Gogh APUs. It is unclear whether these APUs will be branded under the Ryzen 4000 or Ryzen 5000 APU family but the source points out to Ryzen 5000. There's no mention on when these chips but earlier reports have hinted at late 2020 as a possible release date but I expect the announcement to take place alongside the Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' family unveil at CES 2021.

The Van Gogh CPUs are also reportedly in A0 revision. Earlier leaks have indicated that Van Gogh is likely to feature Zen 2 CPU cores and Navi GPU cores. While Zen 2 has proved to be a very efficient chip for the low-power segment, the most interesting part of the Van Gogh APUs will be its graphics chip which will not only be based on a better graphics architecture than Vega but AMD's RDNA 2 IP. The specific GPU for the Van Gogh APUs is said to be Navi 21.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Van Gogh APUs are expected to feature Zen 2 CPU & Navi 21 GPU Cores. (Image Credits: Igor's Lab)

Again, the use of the Navi 21 codename here might confuse a lot of people but just like Vega 20 which is the codename for the 2nd Gen Vega (7nm) graphics IP, the Navi 21 codename could be there to indicate the 2nd Gen Navi (7nm) graphics IP. We are aware that Navi 21 is also the code name used for the Big Navi GPU but this is the very reason I hate stated earlier that details for just Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' APUs are concrete at the moment while the rest of the lineups are mostly based on speculated evidence from various sources.

With that said, we will get to see AMD Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' APU based notebooks with RDNA 2 GPUs up to Navi 23 in discrete form. That would be a pretty sweet replacement for the existing Ryzen 4000 'Renoir' & RDNA 1 (Navi 10 / Navi 14) combos that we have seen so far. We just hope that AMD will be able to provide us with greater range of Ryzen 5000 notebook portfolio that utilizes its RDNA 2 discrete graphics than what we got to see with the first generation RDNA based products.

The Ryzen 5000 Cezanne APUs will be competing with Intel's Tiger Lake CPUs at launch while the Van Gogh APUs are expected to tackle Tiger Lake-Y in the same year.

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