AMD Roadmap Detailing Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) Processors Leaked, Four New CPU’s to arrive in Q4 2011

Another leaked AMD roadmap has surfaced on Donanimhaber which details the upcoming Bulldozer based Zambezi-FX processors. According to the map, The Bulldozer processors will arrive in June on Computex 2011 event along with four additional Zambezi-FX processors which will launch in Last Quarter of 2011.

The upcoming processors include FX-8130P, FX-8110, FX-6110 and FX-4110 which will be launched in June. Pricing of these processors can be seen here. Additional information on FX-8110 is available here and FX-4110 here. However, The roadmap shows that newer 8-Generation processors would be launched in Q4 2011. The technical specs show that they'll features the same TDP, L2/L3 Cache and Core Count values but will include higher Core and Turbo Core Frequencies. Pricing information isn't shown yet but considering the FX-8130P foes for 320$, The FX-8***P would not cost more than 350 bucks.

Also higher core clocks for the same price mean that we will finally get to see a CPU with stock Core speed of 4.5Ghz+ because from current details the FX-series offer a T.C of upto 4.2Ghz and AMD might be aiming the new CPU's for Intel's Sandy Bridge-E/Ivy Bridge processors as the current ones as shown previously from leaked benchmarks already perform head to head with Intel's Sandy Bridge (LGA -1155) top offering i7 2600K.

More info on Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) below:

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