AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition’s 25+ New Features Leaked – Out Dec 13

Khalid Moammer
Adrenalin driver 19.2.2

As has become tradition, AMD is yet again on the cusp of launching its next big driver package as a holiday gift to all of its Radeon fans. Adrenalin 2019 Edition is the fifth consecutive installment in AMD's big yearly GPU driver package releases since it all began back in 2014 with the Omega driver package.

The new update is set to launch only two days from now, on the 13th of December according to prolific leaker Who has also incidentally shared what the new driver is expected to bring to the table in terms of new features, performance enhancements and general improvements in great detail.

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These include new features and improvements related to performance, Radeon Wattman functionality, AMD Relive, AMD Link, Radeon Overlay and a new set of "Advisor" features that help gamers tweak and fine-tune graphics settings to improve performance.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition - 25+ New Features & Enhancements

Whilst this driver release isn't primarily a performance boosting release as some of the previous ones have been, there's still a minor performance improvement that's expected, especially on the latest set of gaming titles.

According to AMD's own material, the company is claiming an average performance improvement of up to 15% for the Radeon RX 570 in a specific set of games.
Videocardz also mentions that the new release brings improvements to Radeon Chill or ResX, although no specifics were shared.

There are over 25 new features and/or improvements incoming and they're detailed below as per videocardz.


Radeon Advisors

  • Game Advisor – “provides game settings guidance for a personalized & improved experience”
    This tool works in conjunction with Radeon Overlay. What it does is rather simple: it suggests how to improve performance and frame rating by adjusting game settings.
  • Settings Advisor – this is designed for new users who never used Radeon Settings before. It recommends which features should be enabled (VSR, FreeSync etc.) based on measured performance.
  • Upgrade Advisor – system analyzer for “minimum and recommended game compatibility”


  • Auto-GPU & Memory Overclocking
  • Auto-GPU undervolting
  • Temperature-dependent fan curves
  • Unlocked DPM states for RX Vega
  • Memory tuning

Display Technologies

  • FreeSync 2 HDR – improved auto-tone mapping for a more detailed experience
  • Virtual Super Resolution – support for 21:9 displays

Radeon Overlay

  • Display Settings – in-game controls: enhanced sync, FreeSync, per-game settings
  • Wattman – in-game adjustment for: gpu frequency, gpu voltage, gpu temperature, memory timing, memory frequency, load/save profiles
  • Refined performance metrics – framerate and frametimes – adjust colors, columns, position, size and transparency

AMD Link

  • QR Code linking
  • Voice Control – streaming, recording, screenshots, instant replay, min/avg/max fps, gpu temp, gpu clocks, mem clocks, fan speed
  • Wattman – same settings as in Radeon Overlay
  • Enhanced Performance Metrics — detailed analytics (basically turning a phone into a benchmarking tool).
  • ReLive – View, Edit, Stream recordings/screenshots from a mobile device

AMD ReLive

  • In-Game Replay
  • Scene Editor 
  • GIF Support

AMD ReLive streaming

- Wireless streaming up to 4K60FPS to mobile devices

- Free on Android and IOS

- 70ms (AMD) vs 125ms (competitor) responsiveness

- Works with AMD Link (through Game Explorer tab)

AMD ReLive for VR: support for HTC Vive Focus, Oculus GO, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream — features: 3rd party Bluetooth compatibility, up to 1440x1440p

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