AMD Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 Graphics Cards To Support All Raytracing Games Based on Microsoft DXR & Vulkan APIs


Details regarding AMD's raytracing support for its Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 based graphics cards have been unearthed by AdoredTV. There was recently some discussion regarding how will AMD implement its own raytracing features in gaming titles and it looks like AMD's gaming GPUs will already have full support in titles that are based on Microsoft's DXR or Vulkan Raytracing APIs.

AMD Announces Raytracing Support For Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 Graphics Cards In All Microsoft DXR & Vulkan Raytracing APIs Based Games

AMD clarified that their Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 graphics cards will feature full raytracing support in gaming titles that use industry-based standards. According to AMD, they will allow full raytracing support in games that are based on Microsoft's DXR and Vulkan Raytracing APIs and there are a lot of titles that already do that.

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AMD will support all ray tracing titles using industry-based standards, including the Microsoft DXR API and the upcoming Vulkan raytracing API. Games making of use of proprietary raytracing APIs and extensions will not be supported.

AMD Marketing via AdoredTV

For starters, there are only a handful of titles that are locked behind NVIDIA's RTX implementation and therefore, regarded as a proprietary standard. Major game engines such as Frostbite, Unreal, Seed & Unity are based on Microsoft's DXR APIs. Vulkan Raytracing is also implemented in Id tech's new engines for its next-generation title however, currently, they are only supported for RTX GPUs.

There is a big possibility that developers who have their games based on industry-standard APIs for raytracing will at some point enable support for AMD's Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 graphics cards but that remains to be seen. We could also see a drastic difference between NVIDIA's RTX & AMD's own raytracing implementation in the same titles too. Following is a list of all the games available that are based on Microsoft's DXR API:

  • Battlefield V
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Control
  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Dirt 5
  • Fortnite
  • Metro Exodus
  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider
  • Wolfenstein Youngblood

We recently got to see some impressive raytracing performance numbers of the Radeon RX 6800 series graphics card which shows that AMD might just have a strong RT solution of their own. AMD still lacks behind NVIDIA when DLSS is enabled however, AMD is also working on its own DLSS solution under the Microsoft DirectML banner. It will definitely be interesting to see how well the AMD RA (Ray Accelerator) cores compare against NVIDIA's RT cores.

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We are always looking to help developers with new initiatives and we are already working on a super-resolution feature to give gamers an option for more performance when using ray tracing.

Scott Herkelman - AMD

AMD's Scott Herkelman has already stated that they are currently working on their own super-resolution feature to be implemented along raytracing however as per The Verge, the solution might not be available on the launch of the Radeon RX 6000 series cards.

We can definitely expect more detailed information on raytracing and AI-based super-resolution features for Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 based graphics cards in the coming week as promised by AMD's Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Marketing, Frank Azor.

Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards Pricing & Availability

The Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics cards will be available starting 8th of December. The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT is said to carry a price tag of $999 US and is expected to be a reference only model for this year unless AMD gives its AIB partners a greenlight for custom variants which may be in the plans. The RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 will be launching in the retail market on 18th November for $649 US and $579 US, respectively.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series "RDNA 2" Graphics Card Lineup:

Graphics CardAMD Radeon RX 6400AMD Radeon RX 6500 XTAMD Radeon RX 6600AMD Radeon RX 6600 XTAMD Radeon RX 6700 XTAMD Radeon RX 6800AMD Radeon RX 6800 XTAMD Radeon RX 6900 XTAMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Liquid CooledAMD Radeon RX 6900 XTX
GPUNavi 24 (XL)Navi 24 (XT)Navi 23 (XL)Navi 23 (XT)Navi 22 (XT?)Navi 21 XLNavi 21 XTNavi 21 XTXNavi 21 XTXHNavi 21 XTXH
Process Node6nm6nm7nm7nm7nm7nm7nm7nm7nm7nm
Die Size107mm2107mm2237mm2237mm2336mm2520mm2520mm2520mm2520mm2520mm2
Transistors5.4 Billion5.4 Billion11.06 Billion11.06 Billion17.2 Billion26.8 Billion26.8 Billion26.8 Billion26.8 Billion26.8 Billion
Compute Units12162832406072808080
Stream Processors768102417922048256038404608512051205120
TMUs/ROPs48/3264/32112/64128/64160/64240 / 96288 / 128320 / 128320 / 128320 / 128
Game Clock2039 MHz2610 MHz2044 MHz2359 MHz2424 MHz1815 MHz2015 MHz2015 MHz2250 MHzTBA
Boost Clock2321 MHz2815 MHz2491 MHz2589 MHz2581 MHz2105 MHz2250 MHz2250 MHz2345 MHz2435 MHz
FP32 TFLOPs3.5 TFLOPs5.7 TFLOPs9.0 TFLOPs10.6 TFLOPs13.21 TFLOPs16.17 TFLOPs20.74 TFLOPs23.04 TFLOPs24.01 TFLOPs24.93 TFLOPs
Memory Size4 GB GDDR6 + 16 MB Infinity Cache4 GB GDDR6 + 16 MB Infinity Cache8 GB GDDR6 + 32 MB Infinity Cache8 GB GDDR6 + 32 MB Infinity Cache12 GB GDDR6 + 96 MB Infinity Cache16 GB GDDR6 +128 MB Infinity Cache16 GB GDDR6 +128 MB Infinity Cache16 GB GDDR6 +128 MB Infinity Cache16 GB GDDR6 +128 MB Infinity Cache16 GB GDDR6 +128 MB Infinity Cache
Memory Bus64-bit64-bit128-bit128-bit192-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit
Memory Clock14 Gbps18 Gbps14 Gbps16 Gbps16 Gbps16 Gbps16 Gbps16 Gbps18 Gbps18 Gbps
Bandwidth112 GB/s144 GB/s224 GB/s256 GB/s384 GB/s512 GB/s512 GB/s512 GB/s576 GB/s576 GB/s
Price$159 US?$199 US$329 US$379 US$479 US$579 US$649 US$999 US~$1199 US~$1199 US
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