AMD Fiji XT Demo Possibly Coming At GDC


AMD's upcoming flagship graphics card, the Fiji XT GPU may actually make a surprise appearance at GDC after all. We've reported two weeks ago that AMD is working on something "Crazy" for GDC according to Stardock's CEO, Brad Wardell. We also touched on the possibility that AMD maybe preparing a showcase of its new graphics hardware there at the show.

Radeon-R9-390X-conceptTwo weeks ago we also brought you exclusive news of Fiji's cooling system from Cooler Master. We made it a note to point out that AMD has sufficient inventory of the card with the new cooling system to begin demoing it at tech shows. And it seems that's what AMD is planning on doing in the next little while, perhaps beginning with GDC next week.

AMD Fiji XT GPU Possible Demo Coming At GDC

We've known for a long while and have actually exclusively told you that AMD will be launching the R 300 series line-up of graphics cards in the second quarter of this year. A few months ago and a again few weeks ago we had told you that this will occur in April. There has also been a constant stream of whispers going around which seem to suggest that AMD is planning a an exciting hardware demo at GDC to precede the R 300 series launch. This particular whisper is one of the few public ones that we can share with you.

It seems that it's not just PC hardware enthusiasts and gamers who are the only ones getting excited about the new graphics card. Game developers are also excited about the prospect of playing with more graphics horsepower to make their games look just that little bit better.

Jaymin Kessler and Dan Baker are both game developers. Although we're more interested in Dan Baker due to his relationship with Oxide Games and Stardock. Brad Wardell the CEO of Stardock is the one who said that AMD is working on something "Crazy" for GDC during an interview a couple of weeks back. Oxide Games and Stardock partnered together to make the Nitrious engine, the very first engine to support AMD's low level Mantle API. Both companies are AMD gaming evolved partners. Which means they get Radeon hardware directly from AMD to develop, test and validate on. So it's quite possible that both of these game devs have already seen and used the new card or heard directly from AMD about its capabilities.

let's quickly remind ourselves of the alleged specifications for the graphics card. The card will allegedly feature the Fiji XT GPU core. Sporting 4096 stream processors / GCN units , four gigabyte of stacked high-bandwidth memory / HBM running at 1.25Ghz for a whopping 512GB/S of memory bandwidth.

We are also very likely to see some of the new technologies which AMD baked into Carrizo make their way to Fiji XT. Technologies such as the AVFS ( Adaptive Voltage-Frequency Scaling ) sensors which enable smart voltage aware operation that reduces power by 10% at the same frequency. In addition to the new power and density optimized GPU process which can improve clock speeds by 10% or reduce power by a further 20% and finally an improved, even lower power sleep state.

Wccftech Stream Processors Memory System Memory Bandwidth Memory Interface GPU Clock Speed Compute Performance
 AMD Fiji XT 4096 4GB Stacked HBM 512GB/S 4096bit Wide IO 1000Mhz+ +8.2TFLOP*
AMD Radeon R9 290X Hawaii XT 2816 4GB GDDR5 320GB/S 512bit GDDR5 1000Mhz 5.6TFLOP
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980
2048 4GB GDDR5 224GB/S 256bit GDDR5 1216Mhz 4.6TFLOP

* Conservative estimate based on SP count and clock speed. Any architectural or HBM related improvements are unaccounted for.