AMD Radeon R7 250XE GPU Is Targetted Directly at 1st Generation Maxwell – No Power Connector

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece about a GPU from AMD called the 'R7 250XE' and I mentioned that this is either a GPU with lowered TDP or a new core altogether. Turns out, the former was right. The R7 250XE is AMD's answer to the Maxwell GTX 750/Ti which was a power house in the "no power connector" required sector. This GPU as you might have guessed is a highly efficient variant of the 250X which requires no external power connector and takes all its power from the PCI-E.Radeon_R7_250X_1

AMD R7 250XE 'Eco' GPU Revealed - No External Power Connector Required, TDP <75W

Now that I have more details on the GPU I can confirm that the GPU is infact just a more efficient revision of the Cape Verde GPU which is featured in the R7 250X and HD 7770. The 'E' stands for Eco, not Expert as I previously thought it did. The card is ideal for compact builds and should be priced around $65. That's as cheap as a dGPU gets. Since the card takes all its power from the PCI-E, we can be rest assured that TDP is less than 75W (the max wattage PCI-E can provide). The current spotlight for connector-less cards is occupied by 1st Generation Maxwells and though, the 250XE will not be able to beat them on performance, it will surely be able to beat their Price Point.


The card has 640 Stream Processors and will be clocked at 860Mhz instead of 1000Mhz. Coupled with a 128bit Bus and 1GB of GDDR5 memory (clocked at 4500Mhz) the R7 250XE boasts a bandwidth of 72GB/s. It is probable that AMD will talk about this GPU at the upcoming Tonga Launch. The card features 1 DVI-D slot, 1 HDMI Slot and  1 VGA slot. Featuring a low profile cooler that card has a very small foot print and consumes only one expansion slot. Thanks to Akiba PC Hotline we have some pictures of the card as well. Interestingly, the card is called R7 250XE-LE. Does that mean we might get non LE versions at a later time? Maybe.

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