AMD Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” GPU-z Screenshot and 3DMark 11 Benchmark “Extreme Preset” Results Leaked

Hassan Mujtaba

A GPU-z Screenshot along with a 3DMark 11 Benchmark result of AMD's Second 28nm Tahiti Core based graphic card - HD7950 have been leaked online. The GPU-z screenshot shows that the card is a model from HIS or PowerColor and runs at Factory overclocked settings.

As expected, The card packs 1792 Stream Processors, 112TMU's, 32ROP's and a 3GB GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface running at 5Ghz Effective (1250Mhz) resulting in a total memory bandwidth of 240GB/s. The only difference is the Core clock which is set at 880Mhz which could suggest that the card is a Factory OC'd variant or AMD decided to pump the reference clocks to gain more performance. Other than this, A Benchmark result of the card has also been posted which you can see below:

3DMark 11 (Extreme Preset):

  • AMD HD7970: 2635 3DMarks
  • AMD HD7950 (880Mhz): 2385 3DMarks
  • GeForce GTX580: 2081 3DMarks
The card is expected to launch on 31st January 2012 for a price of $449, A 1.5GB Variant would also be available later for $399. 


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