AMD Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” gets Benchmarked in 3DMark11, Performance similar to GeForce GTX580

Hassan Mujtaba

First Benchmarks of AMD's Second Tahiti based Southern Island Graphic Card - Radeon HD7950 have been unveiled. Just like its faster brother, The Radeon HD7950 boasts AMD's latest 28nm Technology and the GCN Core Architecture.

As revealed earlier, The HD7950 "Tahiti Pro" GPU packs 1792 Stream Processors, 32ROP's, GPU Core Clock is maintained at 800Mhz and Memory runs at 1250Mhz. A 3GB GDDR5 (384-bit) memory buffer is included on the card to allow for faster frames on Higher Resolution games and Eyefinity Setup. Total Memory Bandwidth is 240.0GB/s, DX11.1 and PCIe Gen 3 Support is included.

The card was tested in 3DMark 11 Benchmark and compared to other GPU's which include - HD7970, HD6970, GTX570. The tester even did an overclocked test of the card by setting the Core clock to 1030Mhz and 1400Mhz Memory Frequency, Its unknown if the voltage was raised to achieve the overclocks. Results below:

The test bed included a Core i5 2500K Processor for all GPU's:

3DMark 11 - Performance Preset:

  • HD7950 (Stock) - 6139P Marks
  • HD7950 (1030/1400Mhz) - 7056P Marks
  • HD7970 (Stock) - 7228P Marks
  • HD6970 (Stock) - 5471P Marks
  • GeForce GTX570 (Stock) - 5450P Marks

The HD7950 is already looking as a great card for its price, It performs relatively similar to the GTX580 on stock clocks at similar price range - $449 (3GB Variant) $399 (1.5GB Variant) and even performs equal to a HD7970 when overclocked. One thing to note is that the Radeon HD7970 is a overclocking beast, Considering the HD7950 is based on the same core it would offer the same kind of overclocking abilities and require little voltage adjustments to be made to reach a 1000+Mhz Overclock easily.

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