AMD R9 390X Specs and Process Allegedly Revealed – Iceland and Tonga GPU Details Leaked

AMD Iceland, Tonga and Hawaii Revision Detailed - R9 390X Allegedly Leaked

Now before we begin, the leak from our source also mentions the fabled R9 390X citing some specs. However the leak of the R9 390X is slightly shady. Here are the reasons why:

  • For one thing the presentation lists the node as 28HPM whose full identification is the CLN28HPM (HKMG) process. Which is actually a "High Performance Mobility" node. So the specs are clearly mentioning a mobility node, NOT the usually used GPU High Performance node which should be 28HP.
  • If that doesn't make you hesitate then for another thing, the slides clearly say Multi Media Marketing Sector and even show a smart TV. They list different tape outs for different device classes with the top most one just being "Graphic Processors"Synapse-Design-500mm-AMD-GPU
  • The difference between an HP and an HPM node is primarily leakage. Mobile devices require very high efficiency so the HPM Node is used, theoretically a GPU built with the HPM node will be very efficient but such a thing is quite unprecedented at the high end. For the low end, it has precedent in Nvidia Kepler (and even mid end AMD I believe) where the 28LP node was used. So it CAN happen but seems a bit far fetched.
  • Bottom Line: So is the leak fake or legit? Here's the thing: What I don't get is how everybody saw the specs and made the leap to "Oh this is a Flagship GPU tape out", this could as easily be a graphics processor for any device. However, these specs CAN happen, but with the information currently available in the leak, seems quite far fetched. I will tell you this though, if this happens with these specs, you are looking at a very power efficient R9 390X.

However, the rest of the detailed leaked appear solid. So without further ado, according to VC Iceland is actually a mobile processor which will later be turned into a desktop counterpart. It will target the mid end spectrum and could be the actual rival to the GM107 SKU. Also Tonga is apparently just the Tahiti Core with a 256b memory bus interface.  However it will not be a replacement but will exist alongside each other until the Radeon R9 300 series is introduced. Also we might be seeing a higher clocked Hawaii Core with any nomenclature including but not limited to Hawaii XTX, Hawaii XT2 etc.  That's all folks.

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