AMD Could Possibly have a Tahiti based GPU with 2304 Stream Processors

Earlier last week, We posted a leaked Sapphire document which detailed many of the manufacturer's upcoming Radeon HD7970 models however the guys over at TweakTown gave a thorough analysis of the document and something caught their eye. On the top of the document, Two Graphic Cards models were blacked and the most interesting thing about them is that both models report a Stream Processors Count of 2304.

The "Da Original" Variant of the card which was supposed to be the reference model reports that the card features 2304 Stream Processors which means the card would include 256 more Stream Processors than the Radeon HD7970 plus also a higher clock frequency of 1000Mhz at stock while memory buffer and frequencies remain the same at 3GB 5.5Ghz. The Toxic ZX which is probably a factory overclocked variant comes clocked at 1225Mhz Core and 5735Mhz Memory.

But the question is, Does AMD actually plans to launch the card or was this a misprint on the Sapphire Document. The Radeon HD7970 is the flagship GPU of AMD's current HD7000 "Southern Island" Series so making another flagship card doesn't seems too feasible for AMD. A possibility remains that after the launch of Nvidia's Kepler based 28nm GPU's, AMD could opt for a Southern Island refresh and the model listed in the document could probably be a Flagship model of the HD8000 Series GPU but no news on a Tahiti refresh is confirmed yet.

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