AMD, NVIDIA, And NWSC Project Team Up With The HPC COVID-19 Consortium


Folding @ Home may have pushed a big wave in the world of COVID-19 research efforts but it looks like the HPC COVID-19 Consortium just gained some big players. AMD and NVIDIA are the most notable here for our readers but I would be remiss to not mention the NWS Project as well for putting in their efforts. Michael Kratsios made the announcement earlier today and followed up noting that the HPC COVID-19 Consortium has already matched 15 research proposals with the required compute power. He also made note that they are now over 402 Petaflops stretched over 105,000 nodes, 3.5 million CPU cores, 41,000 GPUs and that number is only going up.

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For those curious about the HPC COVID-19 Consortium, it's a really intriguing effort by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the U.S. Department of Energy and IBM to team up the federal government with the industry and academic leaders who have volunteered free compute time and resources to the researchers in need.

Researchers looking to take advantage of the computing power offered by the HPC COVID-19 Consortium can do so by applying. The application for presenting proposals is located through a link on their home page. Once the proposal has been submitted it will be looked over and if approved the researcher who submitted it will be paired up with the appropriate resources they need to carry out their research.

This global pandemic has caused some of the most interesting impacts we've seen in a lifetime. Companies are adapting in ways we did not expect, like Razer who is manufacturing protective surgical masks in their factories. And now we see one of the most impressive supercomputing efforts with a combined goal. I personally wish all the researches the best in all their efforts in hopes that we soon see some real progress to move towards global normalcy.