AMD Mining Card With RDNA 2 Navi 22 GPU Spotted, Features 10 GB GDDR6 Memory With 39 MH/s

Hassan Mujtaba

Another AMD RDNA 2 mining card has been spotted which features the Navi 22 GPU and comes in a passive-cooled design. The card and its respective information were published by Videocardz & show a very unique configuration which we haven't yet seen on any retail RDNA 2 graphics cards.

AMD RDNA 2 'Navi 22' GPU Powered Mining Card Pictured, 10 GB GDDR6 Memory & 39 MH/s Performance In Etherum

Just like the Big Navi-based mining card, the new Navi 22 variant also seems to be made by XFX as made evident by the logo on its PCB. The card comes in a standard dual-slot design with passive cooling. The large plastic shroud has a heatsink underneath it which is composed of several fins.

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As for the PCB itself, we don't get a shot at the front side of the board but the backside shows that this is indeed a Navi 22 variant as it features a total of 6 GDDR6 module trace sites. AMD's Navi 22 GPUs such as the one featured on the Radeon RX 6700 XT come with a 12 GB GDDR6 capacity and a 192-bit bus interface. Each GDDR6 die features 2 GB memory on board and there are 6 chips in total on the board itself.


Other than that, the card has a headless design and as such, comes with no display outputs. Power is provided through dual 8-pin connectors on the rear which is typical of server installation boards. You can also see that this PCB was mainly intended for a gaming card but has been repurposed for the mining segment.

AMD's Navi 22 RDNA 2 GPU-based Mining card has been spotted and tested in Ethereum. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

As for specifications, the AMD Navi 22 based mining card features 2304 cores, 10 GB GDDR6 VRAM clocked at 16 Gbps, and a 160-bit bus interface, delivering 344 GB/s bandwidth. The cut-down bus results in an 11.5% lower bandwidth than the RX 6700 XT. Also the fact that this specific Navi SKU has not seen the light of day means that it could've been planned but never got to see the light of day. We may see this variant as an OEM or DIY offering in the future as the Radeon RX 6700 Non-XT but that's all speculation.

In Ethereum mining, the card delivers 39.06 MH/s with optimized settings and since it is a passively cooled solution, the temperatures hovered over 90C. There's no word on the pricing of these cards but one thing is sure that AMD's RDNA 2 cards are being repurposed for the mining segment silently.

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