AMD Llano Fusion (A-Series Mobile) APU’s Lineup Detailed

Hassan Mujtaba

New info detailing AMD's upcoming Llano Fusion Mobile lineup has been leaked by Donanimhaber. The chart details all of the upcoming mobile A-Series APU's (Accelerated Processing Units) which are based on K10.5 32nm process. As detailed earlier, The A-Series Llano Fusion chips would not only consume lower power but would provide upto 325% increase in graphics performance over Intel's Sandy Bridge IGP's due to the embedded Radeon HD chips, More info here.

Moving on to the details, The lineup consists of M and MX based Models with each offering an embedded Radeon HD Graphics chipset. The TDP of the APU's range from 35 - 45 Watt. The chart shows that the top offering of the lineup would be a MX series “A8-3530MX” APU which would remain the fastest Llano Fusion Mobile chip for 2011 until a faster variant is announced, The model was already reported here. From the specs, The APU would feature a stock clock of 1.9Ghz which can turbo upto 2.6Ghz, It would be a Quad Core model supporting DDR3-1600mhz and DDR3L-1333mhz ram. The embedded Radeon 6620G would consist of 400 Stream processors operating at frequency of 444Mhz.

Similarly, Other Quad Core variants "A6" consist of 2 APU's featuring the 6520G Radeon chip with the fastest "A6-3410MX" including 320 Cores and 400Mhz clock speed. The CPU would have a stock core speed of 1.6Ghz (2.3Ghz T.C), Other model would feature slower clock speeds. The Dual Core "A4" Lineup includes 2 Processors each having a Radeon HD 6480G chip clocked at 444Mhz for the 240 stream processors. These models would include 2Mb L2 Cache unlike the 4Mb of the Quad Core variants.

The E-Series lineup has also been detailed which would feature 6380G Radeon chip with 160 stream cores clocked at 400mhz with TDP's ranging from 8-18-35W. The L2 Cache has been reduced to 1Mb while the core clock of the CPU is set at 1.8Ghz (2.4Ghz T.C). Pricing for AMD Bulldozer and Llano Fusion (Brazos) was also leaked which you can check out here. The Llano Fusion APU's are scheduled for launch on Computex 2011 in June.

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