AMD Further Embraces Open Source with GPUOpen, for Games and Compute


GPUOpen for Gaming

The first such part of their new initiative, GPUOpen, explicitly involves gaming and is a complete, easily accessible repository of all the effects, their SDK's, associated libraries and other tools. The entire source code is accessible and able to be modified. Their calling this the GPUOpen Portal.

The empahsis is being placed on the fact that everything is completely open. AMD is using MIT's open source license where everything can be used without restriction. That also means that assets can be improved upon and sold for profit, should you so choose to do so.

This is a policy that AMD has had for quite some time, though it's in stark contrast to the attitude of their chief competitor, which has been a point of contention among gamers and developers, despite the latter being a seen as an "easier" solution to implement. There's a certain allure to being able to copy and paste complex effects that are already pre-made and ready to go, though any developer should know that that is not at all how it works. Everything must be optimized for the specific codebase being used. AMD is providing documentation, tips, tricks and specialized support as part of their GPUOpen concept. It's a true bid for the open source community.