AMD Details Steamroller Core Architecture and Surround Computing

At this years Hot Chips event, AMD's CTO Mark Papermaster showcased various slides detailing AMD's Next Generation Steamroller core architecture and the new Surround Computing which allows computing devices to become part of your daily life by enabling natural and realistic human communication.

"Surround computing imagines a world without keyboards or mice, where natural user interfaces based on voice and facial recognition redefine the PC experience, and where the cloud and clients collaborate to synthesize exabytes of image and natural language data. The ultimate goal is devices that deliver intelligent, relevant, contextual insight and value that improves consumers' everyday life in real time through a variety of futuristic applications. AMD is leading the quest for devices that understand and anticipate users’ needs, are driven by natural user interfaces, and that disappear seamlessly into the background," said Papermaster during his opening remarks.

The Steamroller Core Architecture was also detailed in various slides highlighting the benefits of Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) which allows users to assign specific workloads to key parts of the compute units in the core to optimize power and performance thus improving single core execution.

"The road that leads us to the Surround Computing Era will be no less challenging and every bit as exciting as the 20-year journey in graphics processing that brought gamers from 'Pong' to today's modern game titles that feature stunning visual realism," Papermaster explained. "It will take an industry movement to complete this journey, and HSA provides the clear path forward to enable this next generation in computing."

Images Courtesy of LegitReviews!

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