AMD Computex 2018 Livestream Live Blog

Check Here For Live the livestream and our live coverage below.

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As Lisa Su takes the floor we see her bring up the 20 models of desktop mobile and HEDT Products that were launched, the fact that Ryzen has been adopted by almost every commercial PC OEM and that they have shipped 5 million Ryzen CPUs to date, since its launch in March of 2017, which most have been to the PC DIY market. This is the first official sales number we've gotten out of AMD and is incredibly successful. And promises many more notebooks that are powered by Ryzen

10:09PM Lisa Su also metnions how over 400 million PCs and Console gamers use Radeon, with many of them using Xbox's PS4s, APUs and dedicated cards. She says they aim to have Radeon Graphics everywhere, from Consoles, PCs and even Partner applications to grow their ecosystem and drive innovation. She also brings up the Vega shipments being 10 times more used than previous generation GPUs. This may have been inflated due to miners, but impressive none the least.


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10:15PM AMD teases showing off their new 7nm GPUs but first bring up how gaming is growing, and how GPUs have a lot more than gaming and how they are changing the world around us. They also bring up the growth in e-Sports, streamers, and virtual reality.

10:20PM AMD talks about their commitment to the gaming market and trying to bring the best hardware possible to users, and looking forward and working with more gaming publishers like they did with Far Cry 5 to grow gaming and give the best experience possible for everyone in an open and free ecosystem.

10:22PM EST AMD talks more about Freesync, its growth and how its outselling the competition (Nvidia's G-Sync) and a renewed commitment to improving their drivers and continue to beat the competition in day-0 drivers for games. They also have set up  AMD Adrenalin to work fully featured from your phone, to raise fans overclock or start recording all from the software.

10:28PM EST A rep from Acer comes on the stage and shows off the Nitro 50 which they aim for the casual gamer or hardcore gamer that comes ready to go, for those who want a gaming experience without many frills.

10:30PM EST Aims the Orion for the person who wants the DIY experience but still have a prebuilt PC, packing a Ryzen 2700X  Vega 56 GPU and a B450 motherboard to allow the user the ability to overclock and a side panel.

10:32PM EST They also show off their Predator Helios which we've covered here that packs a full Ryzen 2700, a RX Vega 56 and a 144Hz FreeSync IPS display for someone who wants desktop grade  performance in a gaming laptop.

10:34PM EST AMD shows off the Power Color Vega 56 Nano Edition we covered a few weeks ago and shows off running a small form factor PC and uses a Samsung 65 inch 4k 120Hz (which should be at 1080P to get 144Hz) and we see him playing Strange Brigade on a gaming PC. We also see him showing off Freesync being adopted on Xbox One S and Xbox One X and all that is needed is to update the firmware update for your Samsung TV.

10:38PM EST Jim Anderson Takes the stage and talks about how successful AMD's Ryzen has been and its impact on the industry and how consumers are the real winners due to the increased competition with Intel, and AMD winning 400 awards across the Ryzen product line (I know I am responsible for a few.) They also talk about increasing adoption among OEMs and AMD taking back a lot of marketshare from Intel and how they have had great support from the DIY community.

10:45PM EST AMD brings out an HP Envy 360 that uses Ryzen and Vega APU Graphics with a thin and lite form factor. They also brang out Ray Woa from Dell, and explains how excited he was to bring a product to market that can push desktop level performance in a thin and light form factor.

They also mention how happy they are to push an 8 core CPU in an all in one desktop and that they will refresh their entire lineup with 2nd Gen Ryzen. He also mentions that the average core count in the average desktop has quadrupled in the past 12 months and how AMD has pushed the market forward and drove innovation.

10:55PM EST Jim Andersen comes back out and shows the performance difference between the Ryzen 7 2700X and the Core i7 8700K showing how the gaming performance is relatively the same at 1440P and how they take a large lead in creative performance.


10:58PM EST The camera switches over to James Prior as he uses a similarly specced system both using 16GB of RAM and the same GPU using a Intel 8700K and a Ryzen 2700X, running both Far Cry 5 at 1440P and the difference seems unnoticeable in the stream.

11:00PM EST James shows how a Ryzen system is better for productivity and can still give a great gaming experience.

11:02PM EST AMD plays some hype music for Threadripper gen 2 that sounds like it was made by a Metallica coverband

11:04PM EST Jim Anderson drops the bombshell that the new top of the line Threadripper will pack 32 cores and 64 threads....Uhhh Yeah.

11:06PM EST We see Intel's top of the line i9 18 core VS the new Threadripper 24 Core both packed with 32GB of memory. AMD takes the lead here and beats the top of the line 18 core.

11:09PM EST James Prior throws some shade on Intel pointing out how Ryzen Threadripper 32 cores can work on an air cooler and doesn't need any sort of complicated phase change cooling to keep the CPU running. Granted I doubt Threadripper is running at 5GHz but I digress.

11:10PM EST  Jim gives the mic to David Wang, who laments that unlike Jim he isn't giving free T-Shirts but does have 7NM YES!

11:12PM EST David Brings up how it doubles the density, power efficiency and a performance jump. It also supports Ryzens Infinity Fabric for multiple GPUs? (This may mean a return to Crossfire performance?)

11:15PM EST David talks about AMDs Open Ecosystem for Machine Learning and productivity. He also brings up AMDs open source rendering solution. It is integrated into Cinema 4D Modo and has plug ins for Blender and Autodesk products.

11:18PM EST  They had a demonstration of 32GB of HBM on 7NM Vega for productivity, and did a some modeling in Cinema 4D

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