AMD COMBO PI Patch B BIOS For MSI AM4 Motherboards Delivers Better Boot Times With Ryzen CPUs

MSI has just released their updated BIOS update called the AMD Combo PI Patch. This patch is set to fix a lot of issues that currently plague the X570 motherboards.

AMD Combo PI Patch allows for a much quicker boot into your BIOS and subsequently into Windows

MSI did release a future plan for when these upcoming updates would be coming to the older 400 and 300 series motherboards too.

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As of right now this is planned to the 400 motherboards in the middle of November, and released to all 300 and 400 motherboards by the end of November so that all the motherboard can have these improvements, the main one being BIOS boot speed being significantly decreased, another improvement from this update is that X570 motherboards will have support for the Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G.

This also does allow for RAID functions in SATA and NVMe drives for X570 motherboards. The image below shows the updated boot times on an X570 motherboard, notice the massive improvement with loading into windows.

The booting of the computer takes considerably less time from a normal system boot, originally taking 23 seconds to boot into BIOS, while after the update the boot takes a minimal 16 seconds to get into BIOS. Save and exit also has a significant improvement (equal to the normal boot time speed upgrade per the most recent update). Now after clearing CMOS, normally on an X570 motherboard would take 33 seconds to boot up the system, while after the update it shortens the time down to 25 seconds to boot after having the CMOS cleared.

That would mean that the Update of AGESA, gives an overall boot time increase of roughly 25%, now this will vary (booting into windows) depending on if you are booting from an NVMe drive, an SSD drive or a Hard drive, the NVMe being the quickest to load into as it is not bottled necked by the SATA cable rated speed, followed by the SSD as this is still quicker compared to the Hard drive, but like the Hard drive it is limited by the SATA port connection. This means that while loading into windows could potentially be quicker compared to without the update.

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