AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Drivers Released – R9 290, 290X Support Added, GTA V Spotted

Following the recent release of the AMD R9 290X, AMD Has rolled out its latest Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Drivers. Major thing about this release is the added support of the R9 series (R9 290X and R9 290), improved game performance in Batman AO and of course the inevitable GTA V Spot.

AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Drivers

AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Driver Download - GTA V Spotted (Again) and R9 Support

Without further ado here are the major changes in the new Catalyst Drivers:

  • Notable Game Improvements:Batman: Arkham Origins - improves performance up to 35% with MSAA 8x enabled
    Total War: Rome 2 - improves performance up to 10%
    Battlefield 3 - improves performance up to 10%
    GRID 2 - improves performance up to 8.5%ll
    DiRT Showdown - improves performance up to 10%
    Formula 1 2013 - improves performance up to 8%
    DiRT 3 - improves performance up to 7%
    Sleeping Dogs - improves performance up to 5%
  • Support for R9 290X and R9 290
  • Automatic AMD Eyefinity Configuration
  • Automatic "plug and play" configuration of supported Ultra HD/4K tiled displays

GTA V Spotted in the new AMD Drivers (Again) - So is GTA V confirmed or what?

GTA V was spotted in the last batch of AMD drivers as well and now it seems that it is present in the this batch of drivers as well. Hell, as far as we are concerned GTA V PC is a done deal. I myself have gone over code time and again and we can grantee you this: GTA V PC definitely exists. However when (if ever ) R* releases it is another matter entirely. Still we are willing to wager that you will see it sometime the end of this year.

gta v pcThank You 'Dodo' for the screen.

 To all those enterprising leakers out there check out the code for youself by hex-editing the blb using a hex editor Duh!

Download [Guru 3D Link]

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