AMD Bulldozer Details Leaked, New FX-Processors Exposed


New Models and Details of AMD's upcoming Bulldozer Processors have been revealed. The New Models will include two Quad Core, two Hexa Core (6 Cores) and also a OEM only Triple Core chip. A day ago we reported the eight core variants along with release date information which you can see here.

According to the leak, AMD will be releasing two new AMD Bulldozer CPU's in Q3 2011 which will include FX-4100 and FX-6100. The FX-4100 is a Quad Core variant featuring 3.6Ghz Stock speed and can turbo upto 3.8Ghz, Features 8MB L3 Cache, 95W TDP Design, DDR3 1866+ Mhz Support. The other FX-6100 Processor is a Hexa Core (6 Core) Variant featuring 3.3Ghz stock and 3.9Ghz Turbo Core speed, Other specs are similar to the FX-4100 Processor.

In Q1 2012, We'll see the arrival of another lineup which will include FX-4120 and FX-6120 AMD Bulldozer Processors. The FX-4120 is a Quad Core model with 3.9Ghz stock (4.1Ghz Turbo Core) Frequencies featuring 8MB L3 Cache, 95W TDP Design, DDR3 1866+ mhz support. The other Hexa Core model "FX-6120" features 3.6Ghz stock and 4.2Ghz Turbo Speed. Other specs are same as the FX-4120 CPU. Also the clock frequencies are yet to be determined hence we can see a few changes in the clock speed of the final release of Bulldozer CPU's.

AMD will also be releasing an OEM only Triple Core model featuring 3.6Ghz Stock and 4.2Ghz Turbo speed, Featuring 3MB L2 Cache, No L3 Cache, 80W TDP Design and a locked multiplier.

All Bulldozer CPU's will be compatible with AM3+ Motherboards featuring the AMD990FX Chipset along with Dual Channel Memory support. More Bulldozer news below:

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