AMD Users ‘Aren’t Left Out at All’ from Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Says Square Enix

Alessio Palumbo
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

In an interview published today by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the developers of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition have addressed some of the concerns AMD users have regarding the optimization they can expect in the final game. Apparently, AMD (and Intel) worked with Square Enix to optimize the game as well, and some GameWorks effects like HairWorks and Turf effect should play nicely on AMD hardware, too.

Takeshi Aramaki: [Nvidia became involved] Probably at the beginning of 2016. We decided that we wanted to use Nvidia’s GameWorks tools to really add in some of the high level graphical enhancements to the game, so we were working with them from quite early on. We also had Intel and AMD help us with a lot of their optimization, too, but Nvidia was on board from very early on.

I think there’s obviously a number of features that Nvidia’s suite provides us with that are limited to them and they very much keep them for their own cards, like Ansel and the ShadowPlay Highlights. But some of the other features that they offer, like HairWorks and the Turf Effects we’ve very much worked on that to make it work efficiently on AMD hardware as well, so they will be able to get a pretty good and enjoyable experience. They’re not left out at all.

Kenichi Shida: Also, there are a lot more graphics options and settings available on the main version of the game compared to the benchmark tool we previously put out, so we really don’t want to shut out any part of the PC market and we want to be as broad as possible.

Hajime Tabata: My own PC is AMD, so…

The developers then talked a bit about the process of working with NVIDIA on Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition to bring the graphics to another level of fidelity.

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Takeshi Aramaki: I think when we started talking with Nvidia, we approached them saying, ‘We really want to do more on this feature and have a higher resolution on this effect, or do this kind of thing,’ and then they’d come back to us with a proposal, saying ‘Well, we’d like to do it this way and here are the tools we have to do it.’

Hajime Tabata: We really did get together with them, and it was good for both parties to discuss how to approach things. We already had this world we’d created for Final Fantasy XV and how to take it up to that next level and make it even more detailed and even more beautiful, it was really great to have that interaction. If you want to play the game again on PC now, then that means we’ve succeeded in what we’re doing.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will launch on March 6th for PC and be highly customizable (unlike the benchmark tool). A demo is going to be available on Monday, February 26th.

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