AMD Announces Radeon HD 8000 Desktop (OEM) and Mobile GPUs


AMD HD 8000

AMD has announced the launch of its Radeon HD 8000 series Mobile and Desktop (OEM) GPUs which offer great performance for Ultrathing Portable Netbooks and Desktop OEM PCs.

AMD Radeon HD 8000 Mobile 'Solar System' Series Official

AMD's Radeon HD 8000 Mobile series 'HD 8000M' codenamed Solar System series were revealed last month, the lineup features the latest 28nm GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture which supports DirectX 11.1, AMD Power-Tune, AMD App Acceleration and AMD Enduro Technology to deliver higher and more efficient performance for netbooks. Currently, the Radeon HD 8000 Mobile GPUs 'HD 8000M' are shipping with products from ASUS Lenovo and Samsung OEMs.

"The AMD Radeon HD 8800M, HD 8700M, HD 8600M and HD 8500M GPUs are graphics powerhouses, ideal for users who are seeking to upgrade their existing notebook and want a superior, industry-leading graphics experience. Whether on-the-go, at work or at home, the AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series meets the everyday demands of any user."

As previously detailed, the Radeon HD 8000M series shipping consist of Radeon HD 8800M, HD 8700M, HD 8600M and HD 8500M GPUs and faster variants based on the Venus, Neptune and Sun architecture are to be expected for arrival in Q2 2013. Complete specifications of the Radeon HD 8000 Mobile 'Solar System' series can be found here.

Features of the AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series of GPUs:

  • Engineered for Performance: AMD App Acceleration drives GPU-accelerated features in Windows 8 improving graphics performance and application speed, while advanced GPU compute capabilities enable users to run multiple applications smoothly, enjoy beautifully rich and clear video playback, and revel in lightning-fast game play.
  • Stable, Reliable, Feature Rich: The AMD Catalyst Technology is designed to allow users to control every aspect of their GPU and ensure hardware stability, as well as enabling them to unlock new features and improvements with each driver release.
  • Immersive 3D Visuals: AMD HD3D Technology enables 3D display capabilities for many PC applications allowing users to view, create, share and download in full stereoscopic 3D5.

AMD To Ship Radeon HD 8000 Desktop GPUs with OEM PCs

AMD has also announced the availability of Radeon HD 8000 Desktop GPUs through OEMs only. Earlier today, Lenovo leaked the first details of the Radeon HD 8950 3 GB graphics card. It isn't known if the OEM Radeon HD 8000 series are fully enabled Sea Island series parts based on the Bonaire, Hainan, Curacao chips which were leaked a day ago or rebrands of the current GCN based HD 7000 series family. The codenames of the actual Sea Islands Radeon HD 8000 Desktop Family can be found below:

  • Oland  (Radeon HD 8600 GPUs – Based on older GCN architecture - 384 shader units, including 24 TMUs and 16 ROPs 128-bit DDR interface)
  • Bonaire  (Radeon HD 8700 GPUs – Mainstream GPU replacing the Cape Verde based HD 7700 series)
  • Hainan  (Radeon HD 8800 GPUs – Performance GPU replacing the Pitcairn based HD 7800 series)
  • Curacao  (Radeon HD 8900 GPUs – High End GPU replacing the Tahiti based HD 7900 series)
  • Aruba  (Radeon HD 8990 GPU – Flagship Dual Chip based on two Curacao chips)

As expected, the OEM parts won't be available until Q2 2013 which gives us a hint about the real Sea Islands Radeon HD 8000 series launch schedule. Possible Specifications of the Desktop Sea Islands lineup can be found here.