Amazon Gives Purchasing Power To Teens But With Parental Controls


Amazon is giving the keys to shopping wonderland to the teenagers, but with the approval of their parents. So, now teenagers will be able to log into Amazon and shop independently. The new accounts for teens (between the age 13 and 17) lets them shop freely, but with parental control, of course.

For the parents who have teenage children, it is essential to control their online activity that includes purchasing stuff. The program for teenagers features an active involvement of parents. Parents grant the login for teens, and they add them to their existing Amazon account for buying stuff and streaming media. This way, parents have the full view of what their kid is doing on the website and what they are buying.

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If you're a parent of teenage children and are considering of adding your kid or kids to your Amazon account, then you must know how it works - Whenever your child makes an online purchase through your account, Amazon will send you an SMS and email with order details. The order will get placed when you approve it by replying to the SMS or email or visiting your Amazon account. Your child can also add a personalised note with the order to convince you for approval.

The hooking factor in this scheme is that parents get to approve or disapprove every order placed by their kid. There is another method to control your child's online purchasing streak by setting up a spending limit. The kid cannot purchase over the limit; it is like giving them limited pocket money. It's worth noting that even after setting the spending limit, parents will get the notification and they still hold power to cancel the order. This way, parents can ensure that their kid is not buying inappropriate stuff on Amazon.

No pre-requisite of Prime membership

To add your child to your account, you have to visit An invitation will be sent to your kid's email address to set up their account, after they sign up, you will get to choose the payment method and add the shipping address. You don't need Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of this program.