Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Gets a Resolution and Spec Bump for a Small Price Tag

Omar Sohail
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Has a Crispier Resolution and Better Hardware for a Small Price Tag

Amazon brings forth a brand new tablet for 2017 called the Fire HD 10 and after feedback from its loyal phalanx of customers, the online retailer has finally made changes to its latest addition in the slate family.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Gets a Spec Bump Featuring a 1080p Display Plus a Quad-Core Processor for Better Performance and Improved Screen Real Estate

The Fire HD 10 slate features a 10.1-inch display that now has a resolution of 1080p and comes with improved hardware specifications. Instead of 16GB onboard storage, the tablet now comes in the 32 and 64GB capacities and before you ask, there is also a microSD card opening with which you can expand your storage all the way up to 256GB. In this way, you will never have to worry about getting rid of applications and their associated data.

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Amazon claims that with the updated Fire HD 10 tablet, users can get up to 10 hours of battery life, and with the quad-core processor that is neatly paired with 2GB RAM, we can all agree that this will thoroughly improve your media consumption sessions. There is also an 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter so streaming can be done seamlessly.

It is also the first tablet that comes with hands-free Alexa built-in; what this means is that if you want to turn down the lights or simply check the weather, you will not be required to go through the mundane process or simply search for your Amazon Echo since it can be done through the computing tablet. There are stereo speakers added, which will definitely upgrade your listening experience.

One of the most attractive things about the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet has to be its affordable price tag. At $149.99 for the 32GB model, it definitely gives meaning to the phrase price/performance and with the specifications bump, it should become a favorite for millions of customers wanting to get their hands on a large screen slate.

The product will be released on October 11, 2017, so place your pre-orders now if you want to become an early adopter of the slate.

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