Alphacool Eiswolf Aurora All-in-One Liquid Cooler for Graphics Cards Unveiled

Source: Alphacool

Alphacool has just teased their upcoming AIO liquid cooler for graphics cards, the Eiswolf Aurora. The Eiswolf Aurora AIO liquid cooler is planned and designed to be available for both, AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and will be further detailed at CES 2020.

The Eiswolf Aurora is an All-in-One GPU Cooler For AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards that has been shrouded in mystery until CES

The specs of this GPU All-in-One are still unknown, but what has been said is from a tweet that Alphacool is showing off not only the pictures, but also the idea of this block housing a "Silent" pump. Some of the features mentioned include:

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  • New Silent Pump
  • AIO unit compatible with ALL GPX Aurora Eisblock coolers (Plexi or Acetal)
  • Nickel-plated copper cooler

Along with a completely silent pump being advertised as having compatibility with ALL GPX Aurora Eisblack cooler (either Plexi or Acetal). This AIO cooler is seemingly a stick-on pump that you can attach to Alphacool's line of existing GPU water blocks.

This is seeming because the unit is made from different smaller Alphacool components, meaning the modularity of this GPU water block is terrific. The fittings for the tube are G1/4" threads, which would allow you to disconnect the attached radiator and hook this GPU block into your already existing water loop.


The nickel-plated copper cooler, which has been advertised, would allow for more than adequate cooling. The Nickel-plated cooper cooling pad is on the GPU water block, which cools not only the GPU core but also the other significant components.

One commentator, a @Justin_Dugal asked a fundamental question, his question was, "pretty neat, but will you still be able to nvlink cards?", and Alphacool did respond saying that this liquid cooler would not interfere with the NVlink.

Alphacool also stated that while they would be showing this off in January 2020, any samples would have to wait until March 2020, which would make the consumer release date even later than that. There has been no price release for this device yet, but I am excited to see how much this device will be at CES next month. When comparing this to creating a whole water loop, this AIO GPU cooler may be less expensive and offer much better cooling performance when compared to the included air cooler.

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