I Am Alive Shows How To Save Bullets In a Rough Economy

Put your self in the shoes of the protagonist of Ubisoft's upcoming game "I am Alive" the name along suggests that survival is a key element in the game but you can't be a good survivor unless you learn to play smart, be ruthless and how to be a good liar. This is a post apocalypse Chicago and ammo isn't scattered everywhere for players to run into, you will have to fight for survival as you come across other survivors looking to rob you of your valuables. A good lie can be what decides your fate.

I am alive will challenge players to use their resources wisely, this is a post apocalypse world after all so don't expect to find ammo lying around everywhere, use your ammunation wisely and only use it when you REALLY need to, don't go shooting at every bad guy who comes in your way otherwise you can end up regretting it later on. You can point the gun at foes to show them you mean business and if you play your cards right you can push them to say a ledge and kick them off saving you the trouble of a wasted bullet and also getting one more bad guy out of your way.

The game will also let you pick up a hunting bow which can be a better asset to you than a gun since you can retrieve arrows from where you shot them if they are in your range, and since bows are more silent you can use it to your advantage to strategically take out smaller groups of enemies more effectively without having to draw attention to yourself.

The game has a lot of promise but it seems that Ubisoft might just be going the wrong way with this game and it could end being a total disaster and all that hype surrounding this game could end up going to waste. I just hope that we see more footage of the game in the coming future.

There still isn't an official release date but 2012 is a good bet for the game and it will release on XBOX LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

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