New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Shows The Return of A Classic


SEGA has released a new trailer of Aliens: Colonial Marines, while the Aliens games have been coming for years discreetly and with the release of their last game on the console and steam too it was a bit disappointing for fans of the series but just like making Sonic: Generations an amazing apology game for the previous Sonic mess ups this game will be an apology game released by SEGA for not making a good Aliens game in a long time. While the choice of soundtrack used in the trailer is amazing the trailer also shows a lot of promise for the game.

SEGA has come into my good books recently, with the recent release of Sonic: Generations I was assured that this is truly the Sonic game fans have been waiting for after tons of diappointing video games before it, SEGA released Aliens Vs. Predators for Steam, XBOX 360 And PlayStation in 2010 but it didn't live up to the expectations of the fans, but now SEGA is getting it right with Aliens: Colonial Marines which will take the game back to its roots and this game will be the true game we deserve after a while now :D.

The trailer is magical, it starts off with the acid blood of a fallen alien dripping through the floor and we see 4 marines fighting for their lives with a variety of weapons and ultimately we see the queen at the very bottom, the sound track is from the motion picture "Moon" which was simply amazing and the music is what completes the experience. I hope that more videos of this game are released in the future and we get more details on the game ASAP.