One AirTag Owner Was Able to Keep Track of It While It Was Mailed in a Package Across the U.K.


Some AirTag owners are attempting to find out the reliability limit of Apple’s trackers. One owner in question is Kirk McElhearn, who decided to track a package across the U.K. by placing an AirTag in it. Want to know his thoughts? Then read on.

AirTags Are Not Meant to Track Something That Continues to Move, but McElhearn Says It Can Be Done to an Extent

McElhearn provided details on a blog post that he taped an AirTag to a piece of card that was wrapped in a small bubble envelope, and it was on its merry way. He shipped the package from Stratford-upon-Avon, where he lives, to a friend who lives in London. Using the Find My app, McElhearn states he could keep track of the AirTag as the package reached the shipping facility.

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To monitor his progress, McElhearn made a script that allowed his Mac to take screenshots of the Find My app every two minutes. After a few days, the package successfully reached his friend. Now, even though his friend owns an iPhone, it did not alert him to the AirTag that was paired with McElhearn’s Apple ID. However, McElhearn’s friend did hear an audible tone emanating from the tracker, which is another way of alerting people in case they are being stalked.

McElhearn concludes that while he could keep track of the AirTag, these are not meant to deliver real-time whereabouts of what you aim to track. Instead, AirTags are meant to track down lost items since these are stationary. He is also unsure on how often AirTags update their location because if there is an area with fewer iPhones around, chances are you will not be able to track it. His findings suggest that it will be more difficult to locate an AirTag in rural areas, but in most of the cases, these trackers do an excellent job at what they are designed to do.

If you are still unsure of whether to purchase Apple’s trackers, we have jotted down a list of questions regarding security, privacy, and more that we feel first-time buyers would ask and have provided answers to those, so check them out when you can. You can also check out McElhearn’s detailed blog post on the entire process he used to track down the parcel.

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