Thought the AirPods Max at $549 Were Expensive? Check out These Custom Pure Gold Versions Costing 200-Times as Much


The $549 price of the AirPods Max puts Apple’s over-ear headphones far above what premium brands like Sony are charging for their high-end products. However, you want to know what’s even more outrageous? The AirPods Max crossing a price of $100,000 because that’s exactly what Caviar offers.

AirPods Max With Ludicrous Price Tag Is Offered in Two Finishes, With 750 Grams of Gold to Place Headphones in the Luxury Category

According to the product page, Caviar will offer the $108,000 customized AirPods Max in two variations. One will be available in black, while the other will be sold in white. Caviar claims that the earcups of the headphones are made from 750 grams of pure gold. The original version is made of aluminum. The mesh of the headband has been replaced with what Caviar calls ‘rare crocodile leather.’ Obviously, both of these expensive over-ear headphones are for customers with bottomless pockets, and the following descriptions have been provided for each model.

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“The AirPods Max Golden White are the luxury version of Apple's loudest new release. Brilliant high pure sound from Caviar jewelers.

This precious accessory is made of 750 grams gold and white crocodile leather. It is impossible to look away from this innovative and splendid device created for those who value their uniqueness and want to always be on top.

AirPods Max Golden White looks elegant, emphasizing the status of the owners and their impeccable taste.”

“We are introducing the luxurious new AirPods Max Golden Black, a completely new perspective on headphones from Caviar jewelers.

They are made of rare black crocodile leather and pure 750 grams gold. Caviar AirPods Max Golden Black combine the highest sound quality and perfect harmony of classic luxury and style.

If you appreciate sophisticated design, laconicism and innovation, this model was created for you.”

There are no extra benefits for purchasing these luxurious AirPods Max. You’ll get the same 20-hour battery that Apple advertised with the original version, and you’ll get the same replaceable earcups in case yours start to wear off. Thankfully, these arrive with Apple’s custom H1 chip, so pairing them with your iPhone or iPad will be a breeze and the listening experience, according to several reviews, is impeccable.

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News Source: Caviar