Agents of Mayhem Gets Xbox One X Update, Enabling Higher Resolution and Enhanced Reflections over PS4 Pro


Volition's Agents of Mayhem received a new update a few days ago, which includes a new weapon feature for all Agent vehicles, gameplay improvements, bug fixes and achievement fixes.

You can read the full update notes on the official website, but another highlight - and one that is strangely placed at the very end of the notes - is that Agents of Mayhem is now officially enhanced for Microsoft's newly launched Xbox One X console. Other than HDR support, which is already available on PlayStation 4/Pro and PC, the Xbox One X's version of Agents of Mayhem always renders at 1440P whereas PS4 Pro is still stuck at 1080P. This version also sports higher resolution cubemaps for enhanced reflections.

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Both Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro gamers will enjoy the following additional enhancements.

  • Render particles are now at full screen resolution instead of half-resolution
  • Highest LOD of all meshes are used regardless of distance
  • Higher resolution shadow maps
  • Higher quality volumetric fog
  • Increased the maximum cap on spawned peds from 40 to 60

Agents of Mayhem saw Volition branching out of Saints Row, a gamble that so far doesn't seem to have paid off. The comic-book inspired open world action game got a lukewarm reception from critics and consumers alike, selling far less than the developer and its publisher Deep Silver were hoping for.

Last month, Studio Development Director Jim Boone (who just returned to Volition) revealed that the team would take time to try and understand what went wrong with this latest project. We'll have to see whether they choose to go straight back to Saints Row or do something different altogether.

Regardless, in case you've been waiting to check out Agents of Mayhem, chances are there will be having discounts come Black Friday. Keep an eye on Wccftech during those days as we'll do our best to update you on the greatest deals available.