ADR1FT To Launch On March 28 For PC; PS4 & XB1 To Follow Shortly After


ADR1FT's release date has been pinned down for March 28 on PC, for both the Steam (non-VR) and Oculus Rift (VR) versions of the game.

The console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are scheduled to follow shortly after that, though no date has been specified for the time being.

ADR1FT has often been addressed as Gravity - The Game, and truthfully there are several similarities. In the game (played from first person view), players will take control of Commander Alex Oshima who is floating at zero gravity in a wrecked space station.

With no recollection of the incident itself, the astronaut will have to find clues about what happened and figure out how to repair the vehicle in order to return to Earth. Of course, survival will also be important as an oxygen limit has to be monitored at all times to avoid suffocation.

ADR1FT had previously been confirmed for Sony's PlayStation VR and Valve's HTC Vive (Steam VR), however since then the game has been hand-selected by Oculus VR to be one of the main titles within the Rift's launch lineup. The current status of these additional VR versions is unclear.

Check out the latest released gameplay footage below.