TerraMaster officially launches the F2-223 and F4-223 NAS with TRAID

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TerraMaster reveals the new 2-bay F2-223 NAS and 4-bay F4-223 NAS with TRAID. The new F2-223 and F4-223 also feature upgraded specifications, including an Intel Celeron N4505 dual-core processor and the latest TOS 5 operating system.

Flexible and straightforward storage space management is made easier for small offices and home offices with TerraMaster's new F2-223 and F4-223 with TRAID

The new TerraMaster NAS system has an Intel Celeron N4505 dual-core processor and two 2.5G Ethernet ports that deliver up to 283MB/S read and write speeds. The new F2-223 and F4-223 with TRAID support dual-channel memory of up to 32GB, 4GB DDR4 memory installed on base configuration.

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Image source: TerraMaster

The F2-223 and F4-223 run in the company's new operating system, TOS 5, offering more than fifty new functions and 600 improvements compared with the previous generation. The new features meet more business requirements and significantly improve response speed, security, and ease of use.

A highlighted feature of TerraMaster's new F2-223 and F4-223 devices is the further support for TRAID, the versatile disk array management tool designed by TerraMaster. TRAID offers several unique features that provide better storage space management. Learn more about the critical elements of TRAID below.

Image source: TerraMaster

TRAID Key Features

  • Flexible Disk Array Management: It has advanced features such as the automatic combination of disk space, hard disk failure redundancy protection, and automated capacity expansion.
  • Higher Disk Space Utilization: TRAID's elastic strategy provides higher disk space utilization than traditional RAID modes.
  • Easy Storage Space Expansion: With TRAID, the application can effortlessly expand storage space by replacing the hard disk with a larger capacity or increasing the number of hard disks.
  • Hard Disk Failure Redundancy Protection: TRAID provides redundant protection against a hard disk failure, allowing a maximum of one hard disk to fail. Users can ensure the data is recovered in the event of a hard drive failure in the array.
  • Migrate TRAID to TRAID+: You can migrate TRAID to TRAID+ by adding the number of hard drives. TRAID+ with redundant protection of 2 hard drives.

Comparable to Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), TRAID (TerraMaster RAID) provides an automatic combination of disk space, hard disk failure redundancy protection, and automated capacity expansion – essential functions for storage space management.

The new TerraMaster NAS with TRAID is available on the United States Amazon online store. The 2-bay TerraMaster F2-223 is now available for $299.99, while the 4-bay TerraMaster F4-223 is available for $439.99.

To learn more about TRAID, please visit the TerraMaster website.

News Source: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f2-223.html; https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f4-223.html

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