How To Activate Night Shift In Low Power Mode On iOS 9.3.1


The arrival of iOS 9.3.1 removed the Siri trick to enable Night Shift when the device is running in the Low Power Mode. Turning both of these features on simultaneously was already hidden by Apple. Before the update, Siri would activate the Night Shift feature without turning off the Low Power Mode. After the update, Siri would request that to enable the Night Shift feature, the Low Power Mode would have to be turned off. However, a new trick has been discovered, which would again allow you to turn on Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the same time.

Night Shift

Enable Night Shift In Low Power Mode On Devices Running iOS 9.3.1

For those of you unfamiliar, Night Shift is a new feature that debuted with iOS 9.3. According to Apple, it makes you sleep better. The feature simply shifts the display hue to a much warmer end of the color spectrum, that is not too hard on the eyes. Do take note that the trick involves Siri's assistance. So, if you want to enable Night Shift while your device is running Low Power Mode, simply follow the step by step instructions listed below.

Step 1:

The first thing that you have to do is turn off the Low Power Mode feature if you're already running it. You can do this by navigating to Setting > Battery and then toggle it off. This is because the Night Shift feature cannot be turned on by default if the Low Power Mode is running.

Step 2:

Now go back to Settings and tap on Display & Brightness and then tap on Night Shift. This is where it gets tricky.


Step 3:

Now, initiate Siri and ask her to turn on the Low Power Mode. Now wait for Siri to enable it. You can check if the Low Power Mode is enabled by the yellow color of the Battery sign located at the top of the display.

Night Shift

Step 4:

Now press the Home button to disappear Siri and then manually turn on Night Shift until tomorrow or schedule it. Close all apps and you'll see the Night Shift and Low Power Mode running at the same time.


This is a really simple workaround for those who want to enable Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the same time. Another thing to note is that the Night Shift option will be greyed out in the Control Center as well as the Settings that shows the unavailability of the feature in low Power Mode. However, judging on the bases of the warmer color of the screen, we can see that it is indeed active.

I manage to get this trick to work on my iPhone 6 Plus. Did it work out for you, guys? Let us know in the comments.