Ace Attorney 6 Coming to 3DS, Confirmed Coming to the West


Pun wielding attorney at law, Phoenix Wright, is making his way to the west once again in Ace Attorney 6. And this time we don't have to wait for a remake.

Navigate the Japanese inquisitional legal system in Ace Attorney 6.

Ace Attorney 6 is well into development for Nintendo's 3DS, continuing the tradition of being available on Nintendo's mobile devices. If you happen to enjoy the pun-laden somewhat comical take on the Japanese legal system (and legal systems everywhere) and you happen to be going to the Tokyo Game Show from September 17th to the 20th, then you can take a gander and even play some of it.

Supposedly the sixth installment will speed up the pace a little more than in the past and might even move to a less linear approach, even if it was still cunningly entertaining.

Capcom has stated back in 2010 that Ace Attorney is one of their strongest franchises that they have, one that has sold far better than expected with an almost cult-like following in the west that is rapidly expanding.