How To Access Old OS X Window Zoom Feature In Yosemite


Want to get the old OS X window zoom feature back in Yosemite? Here's how you can.


With the release of OS X Yosemite last year, Apple made a ton of changes how its desktop operating system works. There are a lot of changes littered across the board that make up for a very big upgrade. And in those changes, Apple took the liberty to alter what the 'green' button does on the top left hand corner of an active app window. Previously, when you used to click that button, the app would zoom in, taking up the entire display space, but in Yosemite, clicking the very same button takes you to full-screen mode. Not an ideal solution, given that users now have to drag around corners to zoom into an app. But we'll show you how you can get the old-style OS X zoom feature back, like how it was in Mavericks and previous versions of Apple's desktop OS for the Mac.

Access Old OS X Window Zoom Feature In Yosemite

1. Launch any app, such as iTunes, or even Safari.

2. You should see three colored buttons on the top left hand corner - red, yellow and green.

3. Hold down 'Option' key on your Mac's keyboard, and float your mouse over the green button. You will notice how the button changes to a '+' sign.

4. Click on the green button while holding down the 'Option' key.

And just like that, the app window will zoom in on the display without going into full-screen mode.

We really don't mind having the full-screen button in the place where the zoom button was. In fact, it makes accessing full-screen mode a lot easier compared to earlier versions of OS X. But, not every single time you'd want to go full-screen for one reason or the other, and that's where the zoom feature comes in handy a lot more. And now you know how to access it. It's just a simple case of holding down the 'Option' key while clicking the 'green' button. Simple and effective.

We wish Apple had tossed in the option to let users assign what the green button does, because as we mentioned before, the full-screen option is not everyone's cup of tea, and giving users a bit more control can go a long way in further boosting overall productivity on a desktop level.

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