Access The Mass Effect 3 Demo Early On The XBOX 360 With the help of Facebook

Rizwan Anwer

Mass Effect 3 demo will soon be upon us as of the 14th of February, but people who own an XBOX 360 and an active gamer tag can cut the line ahead of PS3 and PC owners and access the demo 2 days early. While the way to get the demo isn't as simple as liking a page, you will have to be tested to show you are worthy of playing Mass Effect 3 early ;D but the demo isn't the only thing you win, you will also get items for your Avatar giving you a two goodies for the price of one. To find out how to win your code simply read on.

Normally companies will ask you to like their page to avail some pre launch goodies, but EA has decided to separate the worthy and the unworthy by letting players test their mental capabilities. If you remember the game "Simon" (not to be confused with Simon Says) you have to repeat a pattern set out by the machine. Well you will have to be a good Simon player to be able to get your XBOX LIVE Demo code for the game :D.

Here is how you enter:

1. Go HERE (login with Facebook is required).

2. Enter your Date of Birth and then choose Launch in the bottom center.

3. Once inside choose the big LAUNCH button.

4. Enter your XBOX LIVE Gamer tag, choose your gender and agree with the terms and conditions (not like you have a choice :P)

and the rest is all up to you. Enjoy a nice game of Simon and hope that you win :D.

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