Access ‘Field Test’ Mode On iPhone – How To

Uzair Ghani

Here's how you can access the hidden Field Test menu on iPhone using a simple number combination in the Phone app.

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There are a lot of things in iOS that are waiting to be discovered by the average user. Then there are some things which are good to know about, but aren't of much use if you don't classify yourself as a 'geek.' Keeping that notion in light, today we'll show you how you can access the hidden Field Test menu on an iPhone. Why? Because why not!

Access Hidden 'Field Test' Menu On iPhone

1. Launch the Phone app from your iPhone's home screen.

2. Dial the following number: *3001#12345#*

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3. Now tap on the 'dial' button which will in turn take you straight to the Field Test menu.

While Field Test mode might not be useful at all for a lot of people, but it does give the user a great insight to the network they're connected to, given that they are interested in such a thing in the first place. Furthermore, in Field Test mode, you'll notice that the signal bars have changed to a number rather than 'bars,' now representing the true strength of the device connected to the carrier. If you want to find out more on how to replace the signal bars with a number permanently, then be sure to check out our post here.


Keep in mind that the above method will work on every iPhone model regardless of the version of iOS it is running, therefore you don't have to worry about the whole process not working on your particular handset. Lastly, we would like to make it clear that Field Test mode is only useful if you want to find out the true signal strength of your iPhone, nothing else. Besides, it houses features which an average user will barely try to digest at any given time. But who knows someone out there might stumble across gold which we might haven't!

Like we mentioned before, there are lot of things in iOS that are waiting to be discovered, and we have made it our mission to uncover as much as possible in the arriving days and months, so be sure that you're tuned in to our coverage for a lot more. Meanwhile, be sure to give Field Test mode a spin on your iPhone, and also let us know in the comments section below what you think about it.

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