Ubisoft Investigating AC Odyssey PC HDR and Performance Issues; Upcoming 1.03 Patch Detailed

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Oct 3
Ubisoft has confirmed to be aware of some AC Odyssey PC issues, and has detailed the upcoming 1.03 patch for PC and consoles.

Yesterday we covered the day-one 1.02 update that Ubisoft will be releasing upon the game’s release this week, and the publisher has now also provided additional details on the 1.03 patch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is already available for those who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, and apparently, there are several PC-specific issues that need to be addressed, including a performance issue for those using single channel memory, and an HDR issue.

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We’ve included the release notes for the 1.03 patch down below:



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Texture issues on Silver Islands
Description: Some players may experience low texture quality on the Silver Islands when using Ikaros.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Legendary Cultist Item not given
Description: There’s currently an issue where legendary items from defeated Cultists may not be given to the player if they stray too far or fast travel between knocking the cultists unconscious & confirming the kill.
Workaround: Reload a previous save.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Zoisme & Kallias cannot be reached
Description: There is currently an issue where Zoisme and Kallias are spawned in the Cave of Gaia and cannot be reached.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

“Aphrodite’s Embrace” achievement/ trophy not unlocked
Description: There is currently an issue where the “Aphrodite’s Embrace” achievement/ trophy did not unlock after spending the night with Xenia.
Workaround: Complete another romance questline in order to unlock the achievement/trophy.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Myrrine and Brasidas get teleported to Naxos
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Mercenary inside closed house
Description: There is currently an issue where a mercenary gets stuck inside a closed house in Fort Samikon (Forest of Soron / Arkadia).
Status: Will be addressed with a future TU


FPS drops while fighting enemies
Description: Players may experience FPS drops when fighting enemies during night time while it’s raining and holding the torch.
Status: Under Investigation

FPS Drops while fighting enemies in Korinth
Description: Players may experience FPS drops after fighting enemies in Korinth for more than 10 minutes.
Status: Under Investigation

Unexpected lieutenant comes to help
Description: When using the “Call to Arms” feature players may notice that an unexpected lieutenant comes to help.
Workaround: Change the order of lieutenants according to the following current behaviour:
1-3 slots available: The lieutenant in the first slot will come to help.
4 slots available: The lieutenant is randomly picked from any of the slots 2-4.
Status: Under Investigation

NPCs riding a horse have low-resolution textures
Description: Some NPCs riding a horse have have low-resolution textures, don’t have any collision and cannot be interacted with.
Status: Under Investigation

World streaming issue
Description: Sometimes the game temporarily freezes to load textures.
Status: Under Investigation

Textures loading / Horse – running
Description: Players may notice loading textures for a few seconds in populated areas when using the horse or running
Status: Under Investigation



Benchmark doesn’t record data with Win7
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Rainy weather during Benchmark session
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

VRAM meter doesn’t update in real-time
Description: The VRAM sometimes doesn’t update in real-time when changing graphics options.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

Dialogue with Barnabas doesn’t trigger
Description: Sometimes the dialogue with Barnabas doesn’t trigger which results that players remain without a quest if they fast travel from the ship after acquiring his shipment.
Workaround: Fast travel to the Adrestia
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3


Single channel Memory may not reach satisfactory levels of performance
Description: Players with single channel memories may not reach satisfactory performance levels.
Status: Under Investigation

HDR option doesn’t turn off automatically
Description: The HDR option doesn’t turn off automatically in the “Display” tab after changing to Window mode.
Status: Under Investigation

Performance Analyzer shows incorrect information about second GPU load / NVIDIA
Status: Under Investigation by NVIDIA

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey releases for PC and consoles globally on October 5.