bHaptics Announces The TactSuit X Series VR Haptic Vests With A Starting Price of $300

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TactSuit X40 and TactSuit X16
Source: bHaptics

bHaptics has announced two new haptic VR vests called the TactSuit X40 and the TactSuit X16; the main difference is how many ERM motors are present on the VR vests the size of the battery located on the vest. Both of these vests utilize Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and are supported by SteamVR and the Oculus Quest, although the number of natively supported games is limited. The TactSuit X16 and the TactSuit X40 VR vests are planned to be available in December and are currently available for pre-order on the bHaptic website.

bHaptics has announced two haptic VR vests, called the TactSuit X40 and the TactSuit X16, both expected to have deliveries in December

bHaptics has announced the TactSuit X40 and the TactSuit X16 Haptic VR vests, which utilize Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and offer an audio port. This allows the consoles, including the PS4, PSVR, and Xbox, to convert Audio-to-Haptic feedback allowing players to use these vests with various devices.

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Source: bHaptics

These vests offer native support for SteamVR, the Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Quest 2. This native support for SteamVR and the Oculus platform means that any updated games could support these vests, as currently, these vests only have a few games with this feature. Some of these games include Onward, Thrill of the Fight, and Sairento VR, while if users want to install various bespoke mod files, the number of supported games rises to include Half-Life: Alyx, Skyrim VR, and Fallout 4 VR.

Source: bHaptics

The TactSuit X16 features sixteen ERM motors and a 4,900 mAh, while the TactSuit X40 vest features forty ERM motors and a much larger battery being 9,800 mAh battery. The TactSuit X16 is stated to offer 22 hours of playtime while the TactSuit X40 features 18 hours of playtime while having a five hour recharging time. The TactSuit X16 features a faster charging time taking just two and a half hours to charge the 4,900 mAh fully.

These two vests are currently available for pre-order on bHaptics' website, with the TactSuit X16 having a price of $299 while the TactSuit X40 features a price tag of $499. Both of these Haptic VR vests are expected to have deliveries being in December.

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