7 Minutes of Portal 2 Co-op game play; Bot Cooperation at it’s finest

Portal 2 is truly an example of a great sequel, the first game was a sleeper hit and was not expected to get such a good response from the gaming community but after the success of the game seen on Consoles and the PC when the game was released in "The Orange Box" fans everywhere asked Valve for a Portal 2 and were wondering if they would ever see the cake again (or my dear companion cube 🙁 ) and Valve gave us the answer to a sequel, Perhaps one of their best sequels in a long time. Portal 2 is a first of it's kind, this game has an EXCELLENT story mode and to make the deal even sweeter they threw in a fun and exciting co op mode, the PS3 version will get two bonuses out of this deal

  • Players who own the PS3 version will get the PC version for free
  • Cross platform multiplayer i.e PS3 users can play with PC players and vice versa

As you can see in the above video IGN only got to play through the training level but even that was enough to show that Valve has really made this game all about cooperation so it's highly recommended you play this with a friend rather than a matchmaking lobby teaming you up with an uncooperative team mate or something worse. The multiplayer of this game definitely looks like fun and I can say Valve have outdone themselves this time around. The game is releasing on PS3 / 360 / PC April 19th, mark this date in a giant red circle because this game is well worth the long wait.

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