4th of July Brings Discount on Roborock S5 Max with Super-Sized Water Tank & Powerful Suction [Winner of 2020 iF Design Award]

Abdullah Saad
Roborock s5 max 4th of july
Roborock S5 Max

This summer, experience automated mopping through a top-of-the-line robovac and enjoy well-vacuumed, crisp, and just-mopped floors every single day! Roborock S5 Max is one of the newest Roborock smart vacuum cleaners with a focus on seamless automated mopping using a high-capacity water tank.

The product has had a successful release in Europe and the United States thanks to the advanced features that we have come to expect from Roborock, maker of ultra-intelligent home robotics.

Roborock S5 Max available through Walmart for $549

By combining an electric water tank with precision laser mapping and advanced navigation, Roborock S5 Max enables its users to select from a range of customization options, including water flow, suction power, scheduled cleaning, and even the room cleaning sequence.

The level of customization with S5 Max is unbelievable! Not only can you schedule cleaning at different times on different days (duh!), but you can also set different suction levels for different rooms and floors. Place general no-go zones or virtual barriers, perform spot cleaning or just play around with it like your personal cleaning assistant - S5 Max does it all and does it best.

Roborock S5 Max also makes for the best product for busy people or even those in older age. Using voice assistant, you can have it clean whatever you want whenever you want. With its intelligent mapping system that includes a high-precision laser navigation, you can easily control it through your voice and let it vacuum all kinds of surfaces with powerful suction.

It would automatically switch to maximum suction when it detects carpets. Washable air filter and mop pad means a sustainable product that doesn't need its parts to be changed frequently.

Sneak peek of some of the top features of Roborock S5 Max

  • High-capacity water tank holds 290ml of water (enough to mop a 700sqft apartment three times, or over 2600sqft home in one go)
  • High-reliability electronic water pump ensures there's no water leakage damaging floors
  • Brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump, as used in hospital IV drips
  • Custom water flow: choose low-flow on stone or high-flow for grimy kitchens
  • Spring-loaded mop with a constant 300g of pressure
  • High-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM
  • Multi-level mapping systems use precision LiDAR scanning to recognize different levels of a home automatically
  • Suction powerful enough to lift AA batteries
  • Specialized fan spinning at 15000rpm
  • Name each area of your map and schedule cleaning
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Climbs over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets
  • Easy maintenance with reusable parts
  • Intuitive recharging and docking with smart top-up
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Max Suction: 2000pa
  • Voltage: 58W
  • Dustbin capacity: 480ml
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Get Roborock S5 Max now for just $549 (instead of $599 - until July 6) from Walmart or through the official Roborock website. It’s time to make 2020 a bit easier!

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