4-Inch iPhone Not To Be Released By Apple This Year – Analyst


As much as we would love to see the the 4-inch iPhone, there has been a news about its denial from the most accurate analyst of the KGI Securities. Despite all the rumors that poured our attention, Ming-Chi Kuo's research note to the investors stated that Apple is most unlikely to introduce the 4-inch-er this year. Albeit, Apple will still roll out iPhone 5S for users at a lower price, according to Chi Kuo.

Ming-Chi Kuo, undoubtedly is the most respectable analyst of Apple and judging by the issued notes, the iPhone 5C will be discontinued this year. It may be hard to swallow but if its coming from Chi Kuo, it might as well be true. However, the 4-inch iPhone is likely to make a debut in the year 2016. Lets roll down to some details gathered from the note.

The 4-Inch iPhone Pends Till Next Year

The research note that issued this Wednesday also stated that the iPhone 5S is still favorites for many and goes strong. It will be awarded free with subscription for a two year carrier plan. So the rumors for 4-inch iPhone 7 were false for this year and most probably will be engineered to life in 2016. The iPhone 5C will be made redundant by the end of this year and 5S will be Apple's new base level model.

According to the research note, the 4-inch iPhone will feature Apple Pay capabilities, since the iPhone 5 and 5S does not come with an embedded NFC chip. The often rumored iPhone 6C with a plastic casing is still not planned which is anticipated to be an iPhone 5S. Apple has a lot in mind in its iPhone lineup, what will be the heir to the 4-inch category and when might be the right time to speculate about it. Things might be hazy for now and there will be a gush of surprises on this fall.

Ming-Chi Kuo portrayed his doubts about the cancellation of the 4-incher at the start of this month. It stated that Apple will still focus on the 4.7 and 5.5 inch smartphones and leave the smaller one pending for the next year. It might be that Apple accumulates more profits with the 5S than it would have with a 4-inch iPhone. Hence Foxconn is expected to start production of the 4-inch iPhone 7 in 2016. Do keep watch on more news on this, folks.