iPhones, Apple Watches to Come With Car Crash Detection in 2022; Would Auto-Dial 911 for Immediate Response

Omar Sohail
iPhones, Apple Watches to Come With Car Crash Detection in 2022; Would Auto-Dial 911 for Immediate Response

Apple is reportedly working to bring a new feature to iPhones and Apple Watches next year, and it should give drivers some extra security because the aforementioned devices would be able to detect when there is a car crash. Following the accident, your iPhone or Apple Watch would be able to alert the authorities for help.

Apple Would Use the Accelerometer of the iPhone and Apple Watch to Detect Accidents as They Occur

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing people that are familiar with Apple’s plans, the aim would be to take advantage of the sensors present in iPhones and Apple Watches to help detect car crashes as they happen. The way a car crash could be detected is thanks to a sudden increase in gravitational force, as, on impact, there is a massive spike. Following the accident, your iPhone and Apple Watch could be tweaked to call for help, which in this case, these two devices would be programmed to call 911.

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The report states that Apple has been testing this feature in the past year by collecting data shared anonymously by iPhone and Apple Watch owners. These devices have supposedly detected more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts, but just like any other feature that involves a life, Apple could choose not to release it. If Apple does not launch the feature next year, it could likely be due to the inaccuracy of detecting such accidents, though it is possible that the company’s wearable line would exhibit less of these problems, and we will explain why.

The Apple Watch Series 4 debuted with Fall Detection. The feature detects if the wearer has experienced a hard fall, and the smartwatch automatically alerts emergency services unless the owner taps on the option of the display that they are fine. The same principle could be applied next year. However, there is one thing to keep in mind; there are more iPhone users than Apple Watch ones, so the technology giant would obviously want its car crash detection feature to work more accurately on its smartphone lineup than anything else.

News Source: The Wall Street Journal

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