2021 MacBook Pro Shipping Times Currently Sitting Between 3-4 Weeks, Despite Component Shortage Easing Up

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2021 MacBook Pro Shipping Times Currently Sitting Between 3-4 Weeks, Despite Component Shortage Easing Up

The component shortage for notebook computers appears to be easing, but that does not make it any easier to get yourself one of Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro models. Even right now, you need to muster up tons of patience as shipping times range between three to four weeks.

High Demand for 2021 MacBook Pro Models Forcing Increased Shipping Times for Customers, but Chip Shortage Also a Contributing Factor

According to TrendForce, the chip shortage is still ongoing and has affected a variety of product categories. However, the negative impact on personal and laptop computers has been the least severe, which is strange to hear, given that several laptop models from different manufacturers were not available until the second half of 2021, despite being announced during the start of the year.

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As for Apple, it is possible that high demand for the 2021 MacBook Pro is responsible for customers having to wait nearly a month for their shiny new machine to arrive at their doorstep, even though we can comment that the problem is partially connected to the chip shortage and general lack of parts needed to assemble portable Macs completely.

Initially, it was assumed that the 2021 MacBook Pro family would see a delay due to mini-LED production issues, but Apple appears to have that resolved by enlisting Luxshare as its second supplier for this display component. TSMC, Apple’s only chip supplier when it comes to mass producing custom silicon, was earlier reported to have increased prices for its client by 3 percent for 5nm orders. However, it is highly unlikely that a price increase will force Apple to cut chip orders, which would have others delayed the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup for customers further.

As it so happens, TSMC has been reported to start mass production of 3nm chips in the second half of this year. This report also suggests that Apple is not expected to experience a delay when launching the 2022 MacBook Air, which is said to get mass produced in the third quarter of this year. We believe that the M2 SoC present in the upcoming MacBook Air will be fabricated on TSMC’s 5nm process, so it will be marginally better than the M1.

We will revisit at another time and see if Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro’s shipping times have improved or not.

News Source: TrendForce

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