2021 iPad Pro With 12.9-inch mini-LED Upgrade Could Arrive Very Soon, Hints Report

Omar Sohail
2021 iPad Pro With 12.9-inch mini-LED Upgrade Could Arrive Very Soon, Hints Report

The 2021 iPad Pro launch reports' consistency reveals that Apple’s flagship tablet could be unveiled very soon. Fresh info has once again stated what we’ve known for quite a while, and perhaps the biggest upgrade customers are looking forward to is that mini-LED upgrade.

No Actual Release Date Is Given, but New Report Talks About 2021 iPad Pro Arriving in Q1, 2021

Just like on the previous occasions, DigiTimes has put out a report stating that Apple will unveil its new mini-LED 2021 iPad Pro in the first quarter of this year. Alongside Apple, many other companies will release mini-LED products, but they aren’t going to be tablets. Instead, the competition is more focused on launching notebook computers and TVs sporting the upgraded display.

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“Some market observers pointed out that as Apple is expected to unveil a mini LED-backlit 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the first quarter of 2021 and many other vendors will also launch mini LED-backlit devices in 2021, Macroblock, through cooperation with own-brand vendors and panel makers, will begin small-volume shipments for mini LED driver ICs in the first half of 2021 and shipments are expected to to significantly increase in second half.”

As evidenced by some previously released renders, Apple isn’t expected to introduce a drastic redesign of the 2021 iPad Pro. In all honesty, Apple doesn’t need to change it at all, simply because there’s nothing out there that can compete with the premium slates at this time. When the company announces the new models, it could also be the first time we see the 2021 iPad Pro get 5G support. However, it’s not confirmed if Apple will source Snapdragon X55 modems from Qualcomm as it did for its iPhone 12 family or upgrade to the Snapdragon X60.

According to a previous report, we could see the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in March, and there’s a possibility Apple will introduce an 11-inch model alongside it. Sadly, there’s no way of knowing if the smaller version will also get a mini-LED upgrade, but we’ll keep you updated, like always.

News Source: DigiTimes

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